Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Favorites 1/14: Etsy Kick

I've been on an Etsy kick lately.  I swear, that site is so addicting!!  I start out just checking my own shop, looking to see if I have any new orders, feedback or convos.  But I quickly get sucked in.  I can't help it.  Most days I have to stop and check my favorite shops for anything new.  Even if I know it's unlikely there will be something new, I can't stop myself. 

It used to be worse - checking out all the new handmade items...but I fixed that a little.  Instead of letting my bookmark for Etsy lead to the front page where all the fresh, awesome goodies are posted and there are treasuries to look through, my bookmark takes me straight to my own shop.  I've seen everything in there, a gazillion times - I don't need to look through them again.  Yes, I tweek things now and then, but that's not necessary every day.

So what is today's Friday Favorites about then?  Obviously Etsy.  Obviously.  There are so many different sides to the website though - but okay - I won't get into all that now. Today I'm going to tell you about a few of my favorite shops.  Awhile back I shared a few favorite items. 

Remember this?
Yep, my mom was so tricky and sly and awesome - she went and bought it for me (for Christmas) the day I posted about it.  You can imagine my surprise when I opened the box.  I LOVE this necklace and wear it as often as possible.  The stone is very neutral and matches everything. 

(Yes, yes, okay.  I'll move on - I could literally talk all day about how much I love this necklace.  It's probably one of -if not the best gift of the season.)

So this provides a great segway into the shops - starting with:

Photos by novaofsweden
Tess has some awesome jewelry listed in her shop.  She's the artist who designed and created my necklace.  I can't wait to see her next shop update.  I've really got a thing for her style right now. I love bold jewelry - she does it well!

Photos by Shellamie looks like I may only be sharing jewelry today - that's most of what I've recently selected as favorites...

Shellamie has a unique spin on her jewelry - delicately wrapped stones...I think I've faved at least half of the items in her shop.  Her Tree of Life design is beautiful.  Feminine and lovely.

Photos by SusannaSegerholm
Have any of you ever admired the design and intricacy of silver spoon handles?  Maybe you've never given them much thought before. Susanna has.  The above ring and bracelet are two of my favorite items in her shop.  They are made from spoon handles and I love them. :)

Maybe next time I share a few things from Etsy I'll branch out a bit and show you something other than jewelry.  I make no promises!

Happy Friday, Readers!

Disclaimer: I have not received any kind of compensation for mentioning these Etsy items, I just really like them. :) 


  1. These are beautiful pieces of jewelry, I can see why they are some of your favourites!!

  2. I like that rose tree of life bracelet.
    How cute that your mom got you the necklace on the sly. Moms are awesome, aren't they?
    I love Etsy also. I've bought some great gifts from there for my sils!