Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Few Tricks of the Trade

I had some ideas for today's post, but then upon reading a friend's blog, I changed my mind.

You all know how I excited I was about the "comment replies" addition to my blog.  I know, I blew your minds with that awesomeness, right? :)  I think part of the magic of blogs is learning new tips and tricks from those around us who are good at being creative.

I've tried for the last few months to really be creative and fun with my photography.   It's fun to spice things up and take wacky photos or use weird angles, etc.  What I struggle with the most, though, is how to get good photos of moving objects, like X.  (Knitting is easy - it sits still and just lets me do my thing!)

I don't have a photo box I can sit X in, and I don't have a house big enough for a photo studio.  But thanks to Sarah, from In Light of the Truth, I have a few new tricks I'd like to try.

Sarah explains how she just uses different color bedsheets, positioned over her television and against the wall to achieve a "background" look, and one of her newest tricks - using fun wrapping paper!

Sarah's photography is awesome.  She's always sharing pictures of her kids and the world viewed through her eyes.  I'm envious of her skills! :)

Anyway - hop on over to Sarah's blog and check out her tips.  It's fun to learn new things and can bring such an element of creativity to our work! :)


  1. Thanks so much, Rae Lynne! One trick for getting pictures of a very active boy (I happen to have a couple of those! LOL) are to sit him on something. In the tree, on a stool or chair, on a ledge of sorts. For Carter cuz he's so little and uncooperative sometimes I have to give him something to hold for him to be a little more content. For the wrapping paper pictures he's sitting on a stock pot, otherwise he'd crawl away before I even stood back to take the picture!

  2. @In Light of the Truth...

    Thanks for the tips, Sarah! That's a great idea. :)

  3. OMGosh! Mahalo for posting this. What an awesome idea! One of my dawgs used to do photography and I remember now how he brought some material as a background. Awesomeness to you both.

  4. @Kekumukula
    You're welcome! :) I'm glad I'm not the only one benefiting from this info. :) I love these little tips. And I'm really going to have to try the "sitting X on something" trick! :)

  5. One of my gf has been doing the whole backdrop thing and man, her pics have been coming out awesome!