Wednesday, January 5, 2011

WIP Wednesday 1/5

For many people, a new year brings new resolutions, a fresh start to the year.  I'm not typically one to make New Year's Resolutions, mostly because I forget about them about a minute after I make them.  And not because I don't feel they are important, but because it's always seemed to be more of a holiday tradition to set them and then break them instead of taking them seriously.  But if I call them "goals" for the year, that's a whole different ballgame.  

I have several goals I'd like to achieve in the next year.  Some of them are very personal, and some are not. Today I am sharing a big one, and hopefully one that won't take me too long to reach!

I'd like to start out the new year with a fresh, clean start to my knitting.  On Ravelry in the Itty Bitties forum, we're talking about how many FOs we have to show for the year.  I was astounded that I have completed 64 projects.  Crazy, I know!  Some have completed less and some more, but we all agree that the specific number isn't so important.  It's more amazing that there is just all that crafty talent floating around the world!  But, along with counting up all my FOs for the year, I had to acknowledge all the UFOs (UnFinished Objects) and WIPs I still had on the needles.  

Again, some people have more, some have less.  I have 8 projects on the needles.  This number is high for me.  I used to complete a project before starting a new one, but now I've fallen off that wagon and jumped on another - Startitis, I think it's called. :)  

So my goal is to finish up all these WIPs and UFOs before I cast on for a new project.  I want to feel refreshed in my knitting and I think this is the way to do it!!  So far, I've done pretty well - partly because so many of these things were gifts. 

Which brings me to the real point of WIP Wednesday - letting you glimpse into my world and see what I'm working on.  

I had hoped to have more to share with you today, but as it turns out, I finished a project last night, which I can't complain about, so that leaves me with only a few things to share. 

I've been diligently working on my mom's Christmas present - Brea Bag.  I'm knitting this out of Shelter in Almanac.  It's turning out lovely.  It's actually a rather quick knit, but because of the constant decreases, it requires more than mindless knitting.  This bag is going to turn out great. 
I've got one half of the bag done, and started the front half.  Once that's finished, I'll knit the gusset and sew all the pieces together.  Then Mom & I will line it. 
 Do you see all that texture-y goodness?!
My other must-knit project at the moment are J's winter gloves.  He asked for them awhile ago, and told me he didn't expect to get them for Christmas.  He's patient, which is good because they got set aside while I worked on other things.  As soon as the above bag is complete, that's next on the list.  I've decided that I need to rip back on what I've got so far by about 10 rows.  I think if I do this, I can make the necessary changes and avoid having to frog the entire glove at a later date!

Remember yesterday when I mentioned A's Windschief wasn't the original hat I had picked for him?  Well, I'm about 80% done with his other hat, Morgan.  I haven't thought about it much since Christmas, but it remains on the list to be completed. 

So, what's on your needles?


  1. I, too, am not one for NYRs...but I have a list of things I'd like to accomplish on my own blog. And you've reminded me of one that I should add: keep track of FOs. I have no idea how many projects I finished in 2010...probably because I didn't put them all on Ravelry either. So, I should add that to my I don't have enough going on. Oh well.

  2. I have 8 wips from last year too, 2 are sweaters for me that I really want to finish before I start another one. But I know myself and to deny the urge to cast on is too tough for me :)

  3. I really like the yarn you're using for your mom's bag. Will you line the bag afterwards w/some fabric?
    Are the gloves long ones?
    That Morgan hat looks cool. Will you stick some plastic into the bill?

  4. Yes! We are planning to line the bag after it's complete. I envision a blue & yellow paisley silk lining, but I'd be happy with a coordinating silk. I want this to be a fun purse for her to have! :)

    The gloves for J will be long - all the way up to his elbows. So far, I've gotten to the wrists, but need to rip back.

    I haven't decided about the bill on the hat - either plastic or really heavy interfacing. Crossing fingers on this one because so far it doesn't look like much!!

  5. Everything sounds awesome Rae Lynne; can't wait to see the finished products.