Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Favorites 10/1

Wow - I meant to post this much sooner in the day.  I was expecting the end of my work week to be fairly relaxed and laid back.  Best laid plans.....

Anywho, it's Friday!!  Which of course means, Friday Favorites!  I hope all of you out in Blogger land have been enjoying these as I know I have.  This week is a bit hodge-podge, I hope no one minds.

I've got several things to share today so I better get to it.

Photo by Ysolda Teague
Do you all know that I sort of have an obsession with fingerless mitts?  I can't help but "favorite" most all I see.  Not all, but most.  I just can't help it.  They're so functional! Okay, maybe not right now when the weather is so warm, but as it starts to cool down, you can wear them in the morning when it's chilly, or when driving the car or buttoning your coat and you still have access to fingers!  The drawback to fingerless mitts?  Well, once the weather turns really cold, now your fingers freeze because they're not covered!  Enter the Snapdragon Flip-Tops.  This idea of a fingerless mitt/full mitten is not new - I've seen lots of these in stores all over in the fall and winter months. But these are more fun because you knit them yourself.  I'm in love with the design by the wrists, feminine but not overdone.  You can easily button the flap back and later still have access to toasty warm fingers! :) I'm really enjoying the color these are knit in as well - although I tend to shy away from oranges.  I'd love to knit a pair of these for myself this fall.  Maybe I'll be inspired to try something other than blue! :) 

Hmm, the cables on this sweater remind me of the design on the aforementioned Flip-Tops!  :)  Guess I'm in that sort of mood today. :) I'd have to say it's the sleeves on this pattern that draw me in.  The idea of the cables up my arm just fits for me.  I've always loved sweaters and cardigans that have a little something extra, and I love them even more if they are snug, with a little extra weight on the arms - does that make sense?  It feels like those cables would fit that mold.  The intertwined cables run up the front and down the back of this cardigan, while obviously running from shoulder to wrist.  And again, I chose an orange-y brown tone and I still like it.  Maybe it's the fall weather and all the trees changing color - I can't help it!  

Let's see...what's next?  I guess I'm moving on to jewelry and accessories.  Of the not knit variety!  Do any of you spend endless amounts of time on Etsy?  There are so many cool things there!  


I love this artist's work. It's out of my price range, but the materials used are beautiful. The Guardian Angel pendant is sterling silver and moss agate. I stumbled across this a few weeks ago. I would have bought it on the spot if it wasn't for the price. 
The Winter Rose ring is made with sterling silver and porcelain jasper.  These colors are lovely - it makes me think of art projects we do as kids, learning how colors mix and create new colors. 


I don't really wear headbands, but if I did, this is the kind of thing I would like. Simple, but makes a bit of a statement. I'd probably prefer different colors, but that's not really the point.  OrdinaryMommy has all sorts of neat headbands, brooches, pins, hair combs and home decor items filling up her shop.  I like that these items are made out of felt or repurposed materials like the above hair comb made from a silk necktie. What a great way to use this stuff! :) 

There are loads of things I could show you on Etsy that I love, but I have to remember, just a few things at a time. An endless list would be a bit...well...boring.  Really, though, if anyone needs gift ideas.....Etsy's always a great place to shop!

Happy Friday, Readers!

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  1. Um, Yeah! Ysolda Teague is so awesome! (Can you hear my Valley Girl voice?) Seriously, I have an almost unhealthy obsession with her designs.

    I love the other stuff too. Thanks for sharing your favs!