Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Knitting: J's New Winter Hat

I feel like I've actually shared more of my Christmas knitting than I actually have.  I have a lot of the posts already written, but I'm waiting for pictures or finishing touches.  Do many of you do that?  Store up posts ahead of time?  I'm finding it a nice way to be on top of things, and helps me to post more regularly.

Anyway, my next project doesn't need a terrible lot of information because I just shared the same pattern with you a few days ago.  I made a decision this year that every year I'll knit J a new hat.  At some point, I may actually be ahead of the game and surprise him with a hat before he asks for one, or before we even talk about it.  Sometimes he may get a say in what it's like and other times not.  This year it was a mix of both.  His hat from last year is great, but I wanted to make something for him since so much of my knitting is for others.  And hats work well for him because he shaves his head - making winter that much colder!

I originally picked Windschief as a pattern for J, not A.  He wanted a dense knit fabric, and we'd discussed lining it.  A ribbed hat presented a couple problems because you want the stretch of the hat, but don't usually see that when the hat's not on someone's head.  Mostly stockinette stitch with a twisted rib brim and a twisted rib section - shouldn't be too difficult to line. 

Again, I like how this hat lends itself to both sexes, but is masculine for J.  I knit this hat in Cascade Superwash 220 in Charcoal.  This hat isn't quite as dense as the Berroco hat.  

It fits J well, although I wish I would have knit it just a few rows longer before decreasing because the very bottom of his ears poke out just a bit.  I guess my head's not the same size as his! :) (Yes, I already knew that.)

X had to take the hat for a test drive after I finished the knitting.  He's started to enjoy wearing hats again.  For awhile, he's complain and throw the hat on the ground.  Most of the time he'll keep one on outside. 

I lined the hat with sweater fleece.  J picked it out.  It's pretty soft and the color matches the yarn beautifully.  I'm not 100% satisfied with how I lined it, but J is happy and says it's warm. That's what counts.  
And after seeing X in Daddy's hat, I'm considering sizing it down a bit and making one for him! :) 


  1. It looks great on your hubbie and way too cute on X. How'd you sew in the lining? I've never heard of sweater fleece. How cool to learn about.

  2. It looks so good on both the big and little men. I should probably knit one for my dad, too.

  3. Stephanie - The fleece is probably more accurately called "sweatshirt fleece" and is pretty soft but sturdy. The ultra fuzzy side DH asked to be facing the wrong side of the hat - so the other side (still soft) is against his head. It matches better that way anyway.

    I tried using Susan's tutorial to sew the lining into the hat but with the ribbed brim, it's not perfect - which bothers me. :/ I keep trying to figure out how I can improve on it.

    Lucy - This is a great knit for men! And so quick!