Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Knitting: A's Windchief

On with the Christmas knitting!  Today we'll take a look at what my brother was gifted to warm his head in these cold, Iowa winters!

Last year, like C, A got a hat.  Actually, all the men in my family got hats from me.  And they were all the same pattern, the Modern Rib Hat by Susan B. Anderson.  Is it a good hat?  Yes.  Have all the men worn their hats like good knitted gift recipients?  Yes!  Is it time for a new pattern?  YES!
When I first started knitting, there was a lot that I didn't know.  The main thing being how many free patterns there were out there - not to mention the ones you could buy.  But I was naive and had no idea.  So I knit the same pattern four times.  This year A "needed" a new hat.  I started out with another pattern, but as I was scurrying to finish it on the eve of Christmas Eve (the day we exchange gifts), I realized that I would not have the time necessary to properly finish the intended hat.  So at 1:30am I cast on for Stephen West's Windschief.  I made pretty good progress, too.  And then about 4:30am I ran out of steam.  It was time for bed.  I decided it would be gifted as it was, and finished after the holidays. 

That night A opened his gift and was...shall we say...a little confused?  But he played along and we joked that the gift this year was teaching him to knit so he could finish his own hat. :)  
Now fast forward a couple days, I secured the yarn tail and was ready to give it to my brother.  He lives out of town so the hat is now happily living at his place, but I haven't yet had the pleasure of seeing it on his head.  He's been ordered to bring it home with him next time so I can take some photos of him IN the hat! :)  
(Top picture more true to color.)

So on to how I feel about this pattern!  It's simple and unique, but masculine at the same time, which is important.  I really enjoy the twisted ribbing around the brim, and then the detailing that continues all the way to the top of the hat.  The slight curve of the ribbing is also fun.  The only modifications I made here were simple.  Instead of knitting 5.5" from the cast-on edge, I knit 6" to make sure it would cover A's ears.  This is a medium, and probably the size I'd like if I were to make it for my own head.  There is a bit of bunching at the crown and I think it's because of the extra length that's added.  

The yarn used is Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light in Blueberry Mix.  I thought this would go nicely with his coat, which is navy.  When I received the yarn in the mail, I was surprised to see the strands of pinkish-purple spun in.  But A's manly enough he can pull that off. :)  Because the Berroco was sport weight, I chose to hold the yarn double, which probably makes it just a little more dense than it normally would be.  Nice and warm, I say. 
 (I just like these 2 pictures because the stockinette stitch looks so neat & orderly!)
I had trouble getting photo of the true color of the yarn.  Inside, in my light box, it's too dark and muted.  Outside, the white of the snow washes it out.  It really is a beautiful color.  
So how many of you find yourself making small modifications to patterns?  Whether it be lengthening a hat, or casting on extra stitches, more and more I find I don't simply knit straight from the pattern. :) 

Stop in tomorrow for WIP Wednesday! :) 

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  1. Awesome job on the hat! The striped one looks fantastic. I'll have to make myself one. I've been into the slouchy look lately.
    Sometimes I make modifications, mostly to make a hat longer b/c I don't really know the guy's head size. My husband has a big head so using him as a model doesn't help.