Monday, January 24, 2011

I Joined Another One

I had told myself recently that I was going to take it easy on myself for a little while and try to get some WIPs/UFOs finished on my knitting.  Aside from having way too many of those to think about, the month of January and February are busy ones for me, for many reasons.  So with all that in mind, I had planned to sit out the next Itty Bitty Swap.

But that darn Mel, she makes it so hard to resist.  And before I knew it I had agreed to participate in the next swap.  Apparently I have no will power when it comes to these things!  This swap is called "Let's Start at the Beginning" and has a theme.  Any of you not in the swap know what that might imply?  It's an alphabet themed swap!  A is for Apple is also an appropriate way to think of this swap.  There are 3 mandatory knit projects, but all very small.  There is also a 4th project for you to come up with that has to do with apples.  The knits include the Apple Hat, the Apple Washcloth and the apple puppet from Finger Foods.  Out of these three, the finger puppet will take me the longest.  I've already made the apple once for my own puppet collection (or rather, X's collection).  All patterns by the lovely Susan. :)

I've already found a few goodies for the swap, and I have an idea for a couple more things I'd like to include.  I need to make a run to a Target or Kmart or something (and hopefully can find what I'm looking for - I don't know what "season" apple stuff is sold during - or if it's all the time...).

I've already finished most of the hat.  I just need to sew on the leaf.  That went really fast.  Next up will probably be the washcloth - I've got the yarn in mind for this project.  I haven't decided what I'll use for the apple puppet yet.  I'd like to do something a little different, but I need to consult my stash first.  I'd really like to do this all from stash if possible.  The trouble is that I don't usually keep a lot of red on hand.  I have more in the blues and purples.  I'll figure something out. :)

And don't worry - I haven't forgotten about Mom's Brea Bag in the process.  Actually, the pieces are ready to be blocked - which I think I will do tonight.  After that's done, I can piece it together and then it will technically be finished.  Officially, I won't consider it finished until Mom & I line it.  But I'll save any more news on that for Wednesday.

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  1. You are too funny. At least the swap consists of small items and are manageable. Can't wait to see your bag.