Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Favorites 1/7: Favorites From Childhood

As a child, we grow attached to certain items, and when those items are lost, misplaced, forgotten or left behind, the world stops revolving.  We are at a loss and nothing else matters except to get "it" back.  I was no exception to this rule.  I definitely had a favorite childhood item.  

There were a few things that I was pretty attached to, but there was only one thing I couldn't stand not having. So I thought today I'd keep Friday Favorites pretty simple - my favorite childhood item, and X's favorite toy (I'm sure he'll have many as he's not quite yet 2, but so far, this one is it.) 
Introducing Bunny.  Original name, I know.  What can I say? I was very little when I received this toy.  If you talk to my mom, she'll tell you at one point I had several Bunnies.  The most I remember having is three.  And if you were to ask me where they all went, I would swear I remember losing one in Heidi's closet and one under a couch.  I doubt that's actually where I lost them, but that's what I remember.  Mom will also tell you that when I had lost all 3 Bunnies she wasn't going to get me another - she had decided I was okay without one.  I apparently took matters into my own hands.  

As the story's been told (many, many times!), I was having a not-so-great day and while walking through a toy store, pushing me in a stroller, we went past some shelves with boxes of Bunnies arranged on them.  Mom says that before she could hardly blink an eye, I had pulled one off the shelf, ripped open the package, started rubbing the satin edge and had fallen asleep.  So much for no more Bunnies.  That satin edge was one of my favorite things about him.  (Yes, of course Bunny is a boy.) 

He was also a puppet - you could fit your hand in his head and flop his ears around.  We did that a lot too.  Bunny is now located in my top night stand drawer, keeping me company.  I probably slept with him all the way through college.  X even has his own Bunny now - made by Mom.  :)  She's so crafty!  

I don't know what the original toy was called or if you can even get them anymore.  I've seen loves of "lovies" that are animals attached to tiny blankets, but nothing as spectacular as my buddy, Bunny. 

Okay, this time you can blame the name on the adults.  X didn't name this toy.  But it didn't seem quite right to assign a name to this pup.  There's nothing spectacular about this stuffed animal.  It happens to be a black lab puppy that X insisted he look at while we were strolling through Hobby Lobby one day.  I had made a trip to the craft store to find something, and knew, as usual, it would take me a little while.  Many times I pick out something for X to look at and keep him occupied so he doesn't get antsy in the cart.  This day, he chose Puppy.  We were planning on putting him back on the shelf before we left, but X had a very tight grip.  And he was only three or four dollars so he came home with us. 

For awhile, Puppy lived with all the other stuffed animals - in their toy box.  X would take him out and play with him a bit, but always leave him in the living room.  Then, after knowing what it was like to sleep with Teddy (pictured below),  he started bringing Puppy to bed.  And he's done so every night since then.  
They run around the house together, they take naps together, they've even taken a few trips together.  Looks like they'll be friends for a very long time!

So, dear readers, what was your favorite childhood toy? Do you still keep them close to your heart? 


  1. I love this post! I love that story! How cute is that. X has cute animals also.
    I have a short, crocheted blankie/rectangle, less than a foot. I store it in a Chinese gift box that a co-worker gave me some time ago.
    My eldest has two, Carters blanket lovelies; these are only out for six months and then there's a design change. I had to find another for back up so I had to outbid other mothers on eBay so there would be a back up.
    My youngest has five, Brookstone teddies - the NAP line, small version as they're super soft. She has 2-3 out at a time. She had one for Xmas and then I bought another. My husband was like why didn't you buy more? We went to the store at the mall and he asked the salesguy if they had more in that particular color as there was only one out on the floor. The guy came out w/two so my hub bought them all!

  2. I'm gonna reply here...
    Mahalo for responding to my blog post :O). Yes, I agree it's so fun and interesting to learn about others, esp. the awesome, creative, supportive ones in Itty Bitty. I don't know why I didn't check out ppl's blogs earlier. I gotta show you a pic of my I'll see if I can find one.
    The NAP line at Brookstone is so soft. They have puppies! Each of my girls have one. The baby's been bringing home a beanie baby puppy from my mom's house each time she sleeps over there. My mom had bought lots of them back in the day when they were popular.