Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WIP Wednesday 1/12: Holding Myself Accountable

Would you mind terribly if today's post was extra long?  I'm feeling the need this week to hold myself accountable.  During and after the holidays I did a really good job of staying on task and working on things.  Then, last week I didn't do much of anything.  I couldn't get motivated and every time I went to start something, I'd just sit instead.  Not very productive!

After some great advice from friends, I decided to give myself a break from the growing list of WIPs and other crafting and work on something small, which would provide instant gratification and help get my knitting mojo back up and running!

I didn't finish my new project last night (surprise, surprise!), but I got quite far and it did just what I needed it to do.  Stay tuned in the next week or so to learn what that project is. :)

Today's WIP Wednesday is going to be a whole host of pictures of the current WIPs on my needles.  I took out all my project bags last night and had a mini photo shoot.  Some projects just needed a fresh face on my project page.  Not all of these things are what I'm currently focusing on, but will all be finished before I start another major project.

First is the update on my mom's Brea Bag.  It's coming along swimmingly.  See?  I've got 1 side all finished and about halfway through the other side.  It kind of looks like a lumpy mess here, but trust me, there is great progress there.

I can hardly contain my excitement when I think how wonderful the earthy, textured look of the Shelter will contrast to soft, refined, silky lining. :)  That will be a great juxtaposition.

Next, I thought you all deserved to see photos of A's Morgan.  It doesn't look like much right now - in fact - this WIP is probably the most deflating because in it's current state it sort of looks like I went wrong somewhere. (I'm blindly hoping it's all as it's supposed to be, it just needs the time put in to finish it!).  But you can sort of see the shape of the hat and the potential that it has to be great.

Some updated photos of J's new gloves.  I mentioned before I was thinking of ripping back and now I know I am. Just looking at it I know that those wrists are far too skinny and that I can do decreases in a better way. Won't this color be great, though?

Then there are my "fruits of labor."  This was a summer/fall project that got put on the back burner for other things.  Do you see?  I have 3 of the 4 fruits complete.  It's actually quite a fast project, I'm just slow at the moment.  All I have left are the bunch of grapes.
The next project is Bathrobe by Debbie Bliss.  This is for Little Man.  I've been wanting a nice bathrobe for him for quite some time.  Then I decided I'd make him one.  I should have purchased a nice cozy towel and sewn him one - it would have been quicker!  But I couldn't resist this pattern when I saw it. The baby in the book looked so adorable!  A friend and I agree that when it's finished, it will sort of look like a boxer's robe! :)  I'm at the point in this pattern where I'm a bit confused and need to sit down and really work it.  I'd better get on with it, though!  This is sized for 24 months and X is almost 2!
See my lonely Sinful Ribbed Scarf?  This poor knit has been on my needles since January 31, 2010.  That's far, far too long!  Although, I love pulling this out when I need easy, mindless knitting.  I'm on the last ball of yarn, though.  So when that's gone, it's finished!  And this yarn is so, so cozy!!

And last, but certainly not least, is my Traveling Woman shawl.  I love this yarn and I love this pattern.  This was started in March 2010 on my way home from visiting my sister.  Everything you see in front of you was done on the car ride home.  Then I got home and life got busy and I haven't been able to pick it back up again.  I'm actually done w/ all the stockinette and have started the lace portion.  That's really the fun part!

I hope you all have enjoyed this picture-filled peak into my very large knitting bag.  I have to get these under control or they will take over my house!

What's on your needles?


  1. How do you rotate b/tween all of them? Whatever you're in the mood for?
    I love the color of that scarf.

  2. Sort of...
    Gifts take priority - and I usually am working on at least 1. But if a knit gets boring, or I feel the need for something new - I rotate to another WIP to avoid casting on. Like the bag, hat & gloves are all musts to finish first. Then it's whatever I'm feeling like that day. :) (That's why I have so many and why they take so long....)

  3. I am so sad :( I posted a LOOOONG comment, and it said it was posted, but it isn't! What happened? errrrr

  4. Want to see your fast knit now!

    Here are my current WIPs:

  5. Elly - Bummer! I love reading long comments!

    Well, okay, I love reading all comments, but long ones are great too. :)

    Soon, Rhian - very soon! :)

  6. What a great bunch of WIPs, they all are going to be amazing!!
    I started the Traveling Woman shawl in the summer and got all the way to the boarder lace and made a mistake I can't figure out. Now I understand the reason of a lifeline....wish I had put one in :-( I'm going to frog it though and start again, it's too pretty of a shawl not to knit! BTW - I really like your colour choice :-)

  7. Raili - I saw your TW on your project page the other day - starting over sounds like a great way to refresh the project - I'm sorry you'll have to go back to the beginning. I haven't used a lifeline yet on my TW b/c it's only been St. st. up until this point - but after my mom's Haruni shawl, I will definitely put one in (I used dental floss).

    Your knitting is terrific, even though you've haven't been knitting long. I'm so impressed with your Raglan sweater - not only did you knit the sweater, but you made several modifications to make it fit YOU! You most certainly can tackle a shawl!

  8. I was just saying how I love this idea of yours so much, that I'm going to steal it :)
    Taking new photos of w.i.p.s might keep a Ravelerer's project page fresh, pretty and new-ish.

    This is very motivational! I want to finish my as well, I have way too many! The reason is because I ALWAYS have multiple projects going on at the same time, because I get too bored/sick of knitting one only. I have my plain stockinette knitting, my sock knitting, my complicated knitting, and sweater knitting... haha I guess you can say I like to keep it exciting!!

    Love all your photos by the way!!!
    And that yarn skein up top, to die for! Love the colorway!!