Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WIP Wednesday 1/19

Instead of showing you any knitting today, I'm going to share with you some of my sewing for WIP Wednesday.  These are, after all, WIPs.

I really like to sew.  In fact, if I had had a working sewing machine at the time, I may have been less motivated to teach myself to knit.  Unfortunately (or fortunately, whichever way you want to look at it), I don't get the chance to do it nearly enough because I always feel rather consumed by knitting.  I think that came out sounding negative - but I mean it in a very positive way.  I'm so...addicted to knitting, it's hard to pull myself away.  Which means there is a long list of things I'd like to make, but haven't gotten around to yet. 

First of all, last year I joined in on the 30 Day Sewing Challenge that Janelle over at Pretty Little Knit Stitches started.  This really got the ball rolling on me sewing again.  This lead me to creating a needle case for myself, and eventually opening my Etsy shop where I sell needle cases.  Although I'm sewing the same case each time, it's nice to stay connected with that hobby.  And occasionally, I do take the time to work on other things.  I do have to mention that I have sold 14 cases to date!  I find that pretty awesome. :) 

A couple days ago I sat down to work on My First Quilt.  All that's left is to finish quilting it, and then finish the binding.  And the binding on this quilt will just be the backing folded over to the front.  Easy peasy!  
I didn't know exactly how much quilting was left, but I soon figured it out!  I don't know WHY I chose this pattern on my first quilt.  I guess I had more time back then to just sit and work on it all day.  This will take me a while to finish up.  
Do you see the quilted pattern in the fabric?  It's sort of reminiscent of a fleur-de-lis (or an ear of in the corners.  I don't know if that's the look I was going for, or if I just thought it looked neat.  Now I can tell you that they're sort of a pain in the behind!
The other project that's been running around my head lately is the crochet hook case I've been working on.  I was going to share a picture, but I changed my mind.  The theory & concept are right, the execution was poor. Some modifications should make it much better.  We'll see.  

What do you have in the works or on the needles?


  1. Is quilting hard? I try to watch some of those Saturday shows on it. I'm totally confused.
    I don't know how to sew altho I've done a tiny bit. I plan to make some PJ pants for myself and my own circular needles case to get me started.
    My WIPs are still the same: toddler shrug, almost done slouchy beanie #2, & my daughter's hat.

  2. @Kekumukula
    Overall, I don't think quilting is hard - I guess it depends on what you're trying to do. Sewing the blocks together and then adding batting & backing are all pretty easy to me. The actual quilting can be more complicated if you make it so. Like here - I made my quilting of the blanket much harder than it needed to be. I could have just sewn "in the ditch" (or where the pieces are joined) and that would have been sufficient. I don't hand quilt because I don't have the attention required for that. :)