Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I was looking through my list of current WIPs and it's actually getting smaller!! :)  Hooray!  I'm feeling so much better about this.

Over the end of last week and weekend I've took what was meant to be a tiny break from my WIP march.  I knew I needed to knit the Knotted Cap I mentioned on Monday, and I wanted to finish up a dog sweater for Evie (which I figured could easily be done by the beginning of this week).  Well, let's just say I'm taking an extended vacation from my old WIPs to share a few new ones.

I sometimes wish that Ravelry allowed for increments other than 5% at a time to share how far I am from finished.  Mom's Brea Bag is 98% complete!  The strap is attached, I've added the crocheted button loop and all that's left it attaching the button.  Sounds simple, right?  But it's not quite that easy because I don't seem to ever make things simple.

I found a pattern on Ravelry for Dorset Buttons.  These look really neat and I'm going to attempt to make one for this bag.  I've picked up the plastic rings and embroidery thread, now I need to sit down and make them.  If they don't work out, Mom & I will pick out a button we like better.  See how far I've gotten? Hey, it counts as progress if you've purchased the materials! :)
I have to mention that I worked on my Sinful Ribbed Scarf last week when I spent a lot of time in the car.  I actually finished off the second skein of yarn and bound off.  But then I went back and measured and decided it wasn't long enough so I undid the bind off, attached a new skein.  It needs to be 70" long. It was something like 56" long.  Half of the 3rd skein should be enough to get the length I need.  But, I put it back in the hibernation pile because it's knitting that I take out when I don't know what else to work on or I need something simple and mindless.

Evie's sweater is coming along slowly.  I've got the collar finished and have started the shoulder increases.  The pattern is simple and straight forward but I'm finding that I don't enjoy knitting it on dpns.  I think I'll switch it to a circular needle soon and magic loop it the rest of the way.   I made her try it on a couple of times to make sure it wasn't too tight on her neck.  I didn't want her to be uncomfortable.  Poor puppy, she was so confused!
I sort of got derailed by the next project.  Well, make that plural.  I'd been meaning to knit some hats for the February Charity KAL (knit-a-long) on the Itty Bitty forums, but I just didn't have time.  Well, February is now over but I'd still like to make the hats.  They're super quick and I figure I should be able to finish them this week.  I've got several patterns picked out to use (so there is a little variety).  I finished one last night in just a couple hours.  I'm not sure if I'll work on these straight through the week to get them finished as soon as possible, or if I'll knit a little on Evie's sweater, then a hat, and so on.
Finally, just because I need to put it out there and hold myself accountable, I've pulled out X's Bathrobe. It's just in the early stages of the pattern, which only goes up to 24 months.  He turns 2 on Sunday so I really need to finish this.  Once I finish the button, Evie's sweater and the hats, I'll turn my attention to the bathrobe (hopefully this will be next week).
That was a long list today!!  I think it all could easily be overwhelming, but everything is so small and quick that I'm confidant this week will give me plenty of time to finish these diversions up. :)

What's on your needles?


  1. Wow that bag Raelynne! Amazing! I think the buttons look super cool!

  2. You are doing admirably on your WIPS. It's only the beginning of March and look at how much you got accomplished! Pat yourself on the back Ma.

  3. @Kepanie
    Haha, you're right! :) It's nice to have the reminder that I'm making progress. :)

  4. @sauceyjill
    Thanks! :) I read up on the buttons today and they should be super quick.

  5. Wow, everything looks so great! You're doing an awesome job getting through all your WIPs :) Your Mom's purse is SO gorgeous!!

  6. @Armida
    Thank you! :) I'm ALMOST finished, I just have to sew on the button and it's done. I'll do that at lunch today and then snap photos - I'm so excited it's complete!! (I really wouldn't mind keeping it for