Wednesday, March 23, 2011

WIP Wednesday 3/23

So, I must admit, my list of knitting WIPs have taken a backseat to other things.  I really want to get Squishy's Bathrobe done, but I can't seem to get motivated (or find the time...).  Evie's Sweater will have to wait until I have more time.  The weather is warming up and it's not necessary for her anymore.  I meant to finish some of these things over break, but when you don't feel good, knitting just isn't as appealing.

I have some swap things in the works.  No pictures to show for it, though.  One project can't get started until I get the pattern and the other just hasn't gotten the attention it deserves.

What have I been working on you ask?  Cases.  And cases and cases.  For whatever reason, my Etsy shop is on fire with requests.  (That's not a bad thing, but I'm a one-woman-show who only moves so quickly!)  I took down the custom case listing for the time being so I could catch up on orders.

I finished a case last week but the customer isn't home so it won't be mailed until I hear from her that she's back.  I'll finish another tonight.
Then I'll be making one from these fabrics,
and another from these fabrics.  These birds and birdcages really are my favorite.  I was planning to keep the fabric set aside for myself but I've already got a large stack of fabric with my name on it...I decided to let go of these.  (If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you can see that some of the birdcages have brightly-colored birds in it!)
After those 3 are done, I have a customer sending me fabric.  I can't wait to see it, it sounds interesting and vintage.  She wants me to make her 3 separate cases!

Needless to say, it keeps me busy.  So for the time being, the extra time on my lunch hour, and any time before little man goes to sleep can be allocated to knitting.  Then, once Squishy is in bed, I move down to my "sewing corner" until it's time to wrap-up for the night.

Awhile back someone asked if I'd be willing to sell my pattern for the needle cases.  And every time I think of it, I have to smile because I don't work from patterns for these cases.  Yes, I have measurements and sketches, but at this point, I've done it so many times I hardly even think about it anymore.  And to write it out in a pattern is just too much work.  If it's something I've come up with myself, I really prefer to work without the constraints of a pattern. :)  That way any mistakes are really just turned into creative solutions!

So, what's on your needles, hook or sewing table this week?

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  1. Your cases are amazing! You go girl!
    I hear you on the "when you don't feel good, knitting just isn't as appealing." I'm currently diagnosed w/a bacterial infection of the throat = tonsillitis which blew my minor flu symptoms out of proportion. So dealing w/the ups and downs of this constant fever w/its buddies chills and aches and swollen sore throat.
    But I started knitting again yesterday and am halfway done w/the shawl collar of the toddler shrug gift.