Saturday, March 5, 2011

Green Apple Washcloth

Today I'm going to share with you the Apple Washcloth by Susan B. Anderson.   

The majority of the apple was easily finished in one night, with the stem, leaf and edging finished on the second night.  As with many of my FOs, it only took so long because I didn't have the ability to knit on it all night, or it was really close to bedtime.  I can't remember which it was this time. 
The green is KnitPicks Comfy Worsted in Honey Dew and the stem in Berroco Vintage in Chocolate.  The dark green edging and leaf are made from Knit Picks Comfy Worsted in Cypress.
I chose to accentuate the slip-stitch crocheted edging with a different color just to give it a little pop.  I really like how it turned out!

And just so you can see the backside (because I love all angles of projects), here's what the other side looks like. Because this is garter stitch it is incredibly quick!
I really should knit myself some washcloths...our dogs have gotten ahold of some of ours and they  now need replacing.  I got a few from Raili (FairyTale Knits) for the Teddy Bear Picnic swap.  They're so lovely I have a hard time using them - I want to keep them perfect forever. :)   In fact, I squirrel them away so that only I can use them. :)  (Oops, now you all know my secret!)

Tell me, many of you use knit or crocheted dishcloths/washcloths?


  1. I actually haven't used any nor made any. I like that slip stitch crochet edging.

  2. I love it so much I'm afraid to use it too! I want to display it somehow. It's pretty awesome.

    When I was learning to knit lace I did about 20 swatches in cotton and I use those as dishcloths. They are looking pretty tired and worn lately though.

  3. @sauceyjill
    That's a great way to accumulate dishcloths! :) We've got a bunch from J's grandmother (that I got at my wedding shower and that he got when we was in college), but our dogs have chewed them up. It makes me very sad... :/

    Certainly something I'll be doing more of in the future! :)

    I'm really glad you enjoy it! :)

  4. @Kepanie
    Thanks! :)

    I love the ones we have and haven't ever thought to take the time to make my own! :)