Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WIP Wednesday 3/30

Today's WIP Wednesday is much like last week.  I've been sewing up a storm getting Etsy orders made and out the door.  I still have 5-6 cases left to make, so the busy won't stop anytime soon.  :)  Luckily, they don't take a long time and people are patient. (I say patient because at this point, my orders all came around the same time, but the wait has turned into a couple weeks instead of a couple days because of all the orders.)

Last night I took a break from the sewing and got some work done on my knitting.  Evie's sweater isn't getting done before Spring arrives, so I've placed it in hibernation.  There are a lot of other things I want to do at the moment and this project was added after the fact, more of a spur of the moment type project.  So I'm not officially counting it towards my WIP pile.

And Squishy's poor's been neglected again.  Not for lack of wanting to knit it, but more for lack of time.  Between being sick and the sewing and my projects for the Easter swap, it's just not getting much love.  I still want to get back to it sooner rather than later, but it may be a project that I work on, but don't commit to for 100% of the time because I know that I'll get bored of that seed stitch.  So still on the needles, still in need of a lot of attention, but I'm trying to ease up on feeling frantic about getting it done.

I have secret knitting I've been working on.  I restarted it 3 times before I finally got it right.  By then, I wasn't much in the mood to work on it.  Last night it finally got some much needed attention and I should be able to finish it up tonight.  Then I have one more secret project to knit on Thursday.  I should be able to share more details after that.  :)  I do just want to say that I'm using Malabrigo Rasta for my current WIP and it is awesome!  It's so soft and squishy.  I love the bulky feel and I think it's the perfect yarn for the project.

Since I don't have any pictures to share with you, I thought I would tell you some of the things I'd like to be knitting soon.  My sister requested some knit items for a friend of hers due in June.  Her friend really likes frogs (or perhaps the nursery is going to be frogs?) and so I'm making a frog hat, the frog binky clip, and the elephant binky clip.  Originally, she asked for a frog toy too, but that's not on the current list.  The only requirement for the frog hat is that the frog must wear a bow to indicate the baby is a girl. :)  I've got a while to knit these, so it's not urgent, but I've been thinking about it recently and may add it to my project page soon.  I've got some Tahki Cotten Classic leftover from items I knit for a friend's baby and it should be nice and cool for the warmer climate.

There are loads of people I know who are expecting and I'd love to knit something for everyone.  If only there were more hours in the day!!  I have a couple projects in mind I've been wanting to knit soon, I just need to find the time.  I've got patterns picked out, and I probably even have the yarn in my stash for them all.  Once I get through my Etsy orders, I'll get a move on those.  :)

So I guess that wasn't really specific about what I'm thinking, aside from what my sister asked for. :)  That's okay, it'll give me something to share with you all in the future!

I hope everyone is having a great week.  I know I've been enjoying "warmer" weather this week (high 30s, low 40s) and I can't wait for the real Spring weather to hit. :)

What's on your needles this week?

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  1. I admire that you sew such awesome blossom cases, Rae Lynne. You're such a thoughtful and sweet knitter to knit the gift for your sister's friend. I hear you on wishing there were more hours in the day or if I at least had more arms. I wish too I could knit something for every special birthday and such for everyone as well.