Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Favorites 4/8: Swaps

I'm sorry for not posting much recently.  This week has been absolutely crazy, and last week...well...just didn't get around to much posting.  My crafting has taken a back seat to other things that needed to get done.  Hopefully this weekend that will change a bit.  I did actually get some knitting in on a car-ride yesterday.

But today is Friday and it's time for Friday Favorites.  My most recent favorite thing is the Easter swap package from my friend, Mary Rose!  I have seriously been slacking in telling you all how wonderful, thoughtful and generous she is. :)
This swap was fairly simple.  It incorporated the letters B and C.  Bunnies and Bilbies (click HERE to learn more about them) and Chickens and Chocolate.  You had to craft one item for the swap yourself, and include a kit for one of Susan's bunny or chick patterns.

One afternoon I came home from work after getting a text from Mr. Man telling me there was a package from "so and so" and did I know what it was.  Of course I knew who he was talking about and what the package was.  I had lots to do that day, but I put it all off until I could open the package.  And here's what it contained:

Mary Rose included so many cool things. As always, it was packaged in a beautiful storage box.  I love these boxes and keep my yarn in them.
Starting with the sweets, there's several kinds of chocolate and some marshmallow Bunny Legs just for Squishy.
I got some really neat Easter-themed items including a blue metal chick (which Squishy LOVES and wants to hold at least once a day), a glass chicken (who is spunky and radiates personality), chick towels and Easter chick socks. There were also some really neat Easter window clings. :)  I also can't forget the bunny and chick cookie cutters!  Squishy and I will enjoy these!

The kit that Mary Rose included was 3 skeins of Simple Worsted Cotton in Marshmallow and Dogwood Heather for the Bunny pattern from Itty Bitty Toys.  I've been wanting to this guy!  There were so many cute bunnies from last Easter, I may have to steal their ideas!  There was also bunny stitch markers, a row counter, US 5 dpns, embroidery floss and a needle sizer.  Awesome!  And a blue project bag to fit it all in!  There's also a really cute knitting keychain which has already been attached to a notions bag of mine. :)

I also got four skeins of Knit Picks Gloss in Kenai to knit the Pea Vines, a shawl pattern she gifted me with while I was sick.  I really appreciated getting the pattern while I was feeling so crummy!

One of the coolest items in the box was a little crocheted bilby!  What a unique and wonderful find on Etsy!  He's a tiny little puppet for Squishy.  I love him, Squishy loves him.  He's a great edition to the knit toys box. :)
And saving the knit item for last, I got an adorable little bunny from Knit Simple 2010 Holiday Edition, the Woodland Creatures collection by Susan Anderson.  I love that little bunny.  I know Mary Rose had a hard time parting with him, but I see him every day when I come home and sit down from work and he always brings me a smile.  He's squishy and soft and wonderful!

So thank you, Mary Rose!  We love everything.  We've enjoyed the knits and the chocolate and marshmallows, the knitting notions and yarn (okay, that's maybe just me...).  You did it again!  :)

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  1. How fun! What an awesome package of goodies to receive in the mail. I know also you give good as you get.