Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Works in Progress

Now and again, I consider starting a Works in Progress Wednesday (or WIP Wednesday), but then decide I never get enough done quickly enough for it to be interesting to read about.  But I figured I'd share today a little about my current WIPs (and yes, I know it's Tuesday, not Wednesday).  Now, remember, WIPs are not the same as UFOs (unfinished objects).  At least not at my house.  If we were counting UFOs then we'd be looking at a much longer list.

As I mentioned awhile back, there isn't a whole lot I can share.  Christmas, you know.  Don't want to spoil any surprises. Although, I don't think many of the members of my family check out my blog on a regular basis, there are a couple out there that would not be surprised at Christmas if I shared many details here.

I am steadily working away on one gift that seems to be taking forever!! I was hoping it would be quick because the way in which it is knit, but no such luck.  Part of the problem is all the other stuff my time is dedicated to working on right now.  My Etsy shop has really picked up in the last month and although I'm not swamped with orders, it has affected my knitting time.  This project really should be done by now.  The good news is that it's about 60% complete.  This is progress!

Last night I also cast on for one of the other gifts on my list.  I've really wanted to start these several times over, but I keep stopping myself, telling the voice in my head that they're the simplest of all the gifts (aside from the one currently on my needles), and possibly the quickest, I should leave them for last.  I caved.  I'm knitting with Shelter, folks.  So you see, my motives were purely selfish.  I wasn't so concerned about getting this project out of the way so much as trying this new yarn!  I can't share the color because that will give it away who the gift is for.  But it's lovely.  I'm only 4 rows in and loving how the colors play with one another.  As I knit, the little flecks of color in the yarn pop up here and there and are like little surprises in my knitting. :)  It makes me smile.

I've heard a few complaints about the amount of "stuff" in the yarn that has to be picked out.  I really don't think it's that bad, and expect it with this kind of yarn.  And I can just tell this wool would be wonderful to felt with!

So aside from my moment of weakness last night, I have only started one other project (more on that in a minute).  I meant to start at least 1 of the last 2 projects earlier, but the first pattern has me a little hesitant because of the new techniques, and the other project doesn't have any yarn.  I ordered some awhile back, was promised it'd arrive by Thanksgiving, and they still don't have any in.  Bummer!!  So this may be a late Christmas present...  I hope not, though...

And finally, the 3rd project that is on my needles are the gloves for J.  He asked for them awhile back, but I've been gathering the courage to get them started.  You see, he has something particular in mind.  Something I can't seem to find (and like) in a pattern.  So I'm making it up as I go along.  I'm not sure how I feel about it thus far.  I've almost finished the cuff on the first glove.  J wants his gloves to be very snug, otherwise I would have had to start over and cast on more stitches and decrease less.
I think they're too slim at the wrist.  I may have to rip back the last few rows and take out the last row of decreases.  Once I get to the hand, it should be simpler.  Although these will be gloves and I've never knit gloves before.  Another reason for needing more stitches at the wrist...I need them to fit his hands!

I'm using Cascade 128 Superwash in Charcoal.  It's a lovely gray shade.  They should match his coat nicely.  Once this pair is finished,  and I have a little more knitting "breathing" room, I'll get started on the pair he really wants.

So there's a short and somewhat vague look into what my needles have been up to lately!

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  1. I was just thinking about doing a "whats on the needles" post too. Love the glipse into your knitting world! Lucky girl knitting with Shelter already!