Monday, December 13, 2010

What Do You Use?

Have any of you noticed how often I've changed backgrounds lately?  I usually like to stick with a background that fits my personality, as well as the blog, but I also like to change with the seasons.  So now that it's Christmas time, I'm trying to find that background that really fits.

I can't say I've been extremely successful.  I like the reindeer I had, but the red background was a little abrasive for me.  I like the warm, red colors because it makes me feel like I'm snuggled inside on a cold winter day.  But I don't care for a lot of the red or warm color designs.  So then I think start leaning towards the blues....let's be honest, we all know I like blues.  :)  

But blues mean chilly, cold and snow.  They make me feel cold, even if they accurately reflect the holiday season.  :\  So I'm trying out a few in the meantime, seeing if I like them or not.  If I don't, I'll find something new.  

Where do you all find your backgrounds?  I've tried,, and  


  1. Thank you Rae for referring these background websites. I'm checking them out now.

  2. I've used blogger templates from this site:
    and bookmarked some from these: ,

    But in the end, I went for simplicity b/c I became overly obsessed w/blogger templates, so obsessed that I actually sat and browsed through 170 pages on one site. OMGosh I can't believe I did that.