Thursday, December 9, 2010

RCS: Restless Crafting Syndrome - I Have It

Do any of you out there ever feel like there is so much you want to do that in the end you do nothing?

I'm really starting to feel a bit...restless.  That's the best way I can describe it.  It's like when you've been home all day and sitting too long.  Then you go to bed and feel like you need to jump back up and get moving.  I've been knitting on the same darn project for about 3 weeks and it's close to completion, but I'm losing my drive, my focus.

My original plan was to work on one project at a time during the holiday season.  Then, as I mentioned before I caved in and started knitting on a different project.  I really shouldn't have done that.  Now all I want to do is knit on this other project...and I'm still anxious for my yarn to arrive!!

And then there's the sewing.  I'm working on needle case with fabric sent to me.  It's beautiful, satin-y material.  Soft to touch and pretty to look at.  Not my favorite to work with for knitting cases.  It turns out the fabric is very ravely and I have to be really careful not to pull at loose ends otherwise it pulls out the woven threads.  It's also thicker than your traditional cotton fabric, which is giving me issues.  I've finished one of two cases, and I'm not really jumping at the bit to start the second. But I need to get them finished and out the door.

Which makes me want to start an entirely new knitting project - aside from the ones I already have picked out.  Do you see my dilemma?  No focus.  I hate that feeling.  Not to mention I've been reading a new book (last book in Vampire Academy series) and didn't want to put it down to knit or sew.  I've always loved reading and it was a pleasant way to spend the evening last night.

So my goal for the end of the week is to reorganize and re-motivate myself.  I need to make a couple lists, and put items on the list that can easily be checked off.  I love lists and I feel accomplished when I can mark things off as finished.  Speaking of end of the week, I really need to get our Christmas decorations up!!

Are the rest of you less distractible than me right now?  :)

**I do want to mention that I feel this way any time I have too many projects going at once, whether it be during the holiday season or not.  My free time feels so much better when there's a little organization thrown in!!


  1. I can relate!! Right now I have so many Christmas presents that need to get done, but I keep jumping from one to another. If I just stuck with one and saw it through to completion, then I'm sure I'd get more done. Some nights I even just sit there looking at all I have to do and never get anything done. I think it's sheer overwhelmed-ness :-)

  2. I completely understand what you are going through!!! I'm still waiting on the yarn for a Christmas present.

    I love the VA series, how is the last book? I am thinking about getting it after the holidays.

  3. Not what I was expecting but I read it in 2 days! :) I thought it was good