Monday, December 6, 2010

From Becky

So far, I've shown you half of what I have to share as far as Itty Bitty swaps go.  As mentioned many times before, I love them and those who participate.  Which is probably the reason I chose to participate in two at once.  What you see above is my lovely package for the Itty Bitty Christmas Swap that arrived last week from Becky (gathersnomoss).  She did such a fantastic job of making sure there was something for everyone in the box!   And although it doesn't do it justice all squished up to pose on my foot rest (by the only window/light bright enough in my house that day), there was so much stuff!

I'll get right down to the main purpose of the swap.  We were to knit either the Snowman hat or the Christmas Set by Susan B. Anderson.  The Christmas Set includes a jolly Santa, Santa's toy sack, and a Christmas mouse.  X received the Snowman hat! Which is great because he'd outgrown the one I knit him last year (darn those kids and their growing!).  Becky took the hat a little outside the box and made the snowman a striped scarf and striped hat with a pom-pom on top, instead of a black top hat.  I think this is adorable! I love seeing how one knitter can take a pattern and put their own twist on it.  So much creativity out there!
(I wish I had pictures of X in his hat, but he wouldn't leave it on inside.  I'll have to get him out in the snow to get some good pictures!)

There were actually a lot of goodies for X in the box, aside from the hat.  There were a box of crayons, some Grinch pencils, a little toy truck with driver (which X can't stop playing with!) and the book The Mitten.  The Mitten is one of the best winter children's stories out there.  I'd been thinking about this story the other day and then it showed up on my doorstep!
Just a close-up of the book here, but I have to mention that it also came with a mitten cookie cutter!  That makes it so fun.  I'm assuming that was intentional.  If it wasn't, I'll just pretend it was! :) We'll definitely have to make some sugar cookies this winter!
Then there were the goodies for me!  Becky didn't disappoint as I kept finding more and more in the box!  Becky made a lovely Christmas tree project bag (of which you never have enough when you need them), a stack of fabric (now I need a Christmas project!), a yarn-inspired emery board, a knitting magnet (see the little ball of yarn & "knitting needles?"), peppermints, 4 lovely stitch markers, and a skein of Spud & Chloe Sweater in Lake!  Hooray!
Stitch markers
And last, but not least, were all the treats!  On top of the peppermints there were 4 bags filled with goodies, and a baking mix.  There were Rocky Road treats and the recipe for a treat that Becky's family makes at Christmas, a bag of Chex mix, a bag of candy complete with candy canes, and even a bag filled with dog treats for our puppies!  The baking mix is for Cranny White Chip Scones (cranberries & white chocolate chips).  They sound yummy!  We've already finished off most of the snacks!

Thank you, thank you, Becky!  It was so fun to open this package and see all that was inside.  This was a terrific package filled to the brim (literally!) with all sorts of fun things. :)  I appreciate the time you took to put this together for me!

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