Wednesday, December 15, 2010

WIP Wednesday 12/15

Last week I briefly mentioned that I've thought about doing something like a WIP Wednesday (Works in Progress Wednesday).  I also said that I haven't yet done this because I don't know how much progress or change in my knitting/crafting I would have from week to week.

But...the more I thought of it, the harder it was to convince myself not to do a a regular WIP post. So I made myself a deal.  On Wednesdays, I'll assess my WIPs and decide whether or not they are worthy of note.  If they are, I'll write a post, and hopefully have some pictures.  If not, I'm not going to stress about having nothing to share.  Let's face it - we all get busy and sometimes that means our knitting or crafting takes a backseat to other, more important things in our lives.  For me, it could also mean I've been distracted by a new book or the lure of a relaxing bath!  :)

So I'll start today.  I haven't shared much knitting lately for the obvious reasons.  We're in the holiday season and I know there are some lurkers and readers out there who wouldn't be surprised come Christmas if I shared all the knitty-gritties.  :)

I was able to snap a few pictures by my front door of my current WIPs.  The lights not as good as it could be, but it was the closest I was getting to natural light.  I'm not quite ready for a photoshoot out in the snow!!

First, we have the project that's taking me forever to complete.  But I love how it's turning out.  I was afraid at first it would be too pool-y, but it's not, in my opinion.  And it's soft and lovely.  (I'm not sharing any pattern names today.)

Next, can you see this lovely Shelter yarn?  Do you see all those lovely flecks of color?  Very pretty, right?  Can you guess what this pattern is?  
What about these?  I know the design isn't really clear here, but I like how the cabling turned out.  This is going to be slightly modified from the original pattern.  So far so good.

And last but not least, this is just a picture of the next yarn I'll be casting on with, for one of my next projects.  The color is very rich and pretty. :)
I hope you've enjoyed this very vague WIP Wednesday.  Stop in next week for a few more photos!


  1. Yay! Love the Shelter! Love the cables! Those look fabulous!

  2. I think I'm jealous of the Shelter....I can't get it anywhere around here and would have to order it online. Hrm. Someday I will have some...