Monday, October 11, 2010

Sending Packages

I've sent quite a lot packages in out the last couple months, from swap knitting to returns to Etsy orders.  I feel as though very soon I should be getting to know the postal workers very well.  :)

Since my swap partner has received her third and final swap package for the Itty Bitty Teddy Bear Picnic Swap (wow, that's a mouthful!), I think it's safe to post a few pictures and tell you what I sent.  But because  there were 3 parcels that went her direction, I'm going to split it up between three posts.  Otherwise today's post would be much too long!

You may recall that the first package required only one element - a knitting kit.  It didn't have to be an "itty bitty/Susan" pattern, but it could be.  There were lots to choose from.  The point was to send your partner a kit for her to knit whatever pattern you had selected for her.  This meant you had to include the yarn, (possibly the pattern if they didn't have it), any notions, stitch markers, needles, a little notebook, etc.  Some included knitting needles while others did not.  The biggest, most important part was the yarn.  If you need a little reminder, you can read my post HERE about the first swap package I received from my partner.

I meant to be much more ahead of schedule sending this package out, but I must admit it went out the day it was due in the mail.  I knew the itty bitty pattern/knit I was going to include, so for this package I selected the Fiesta Tea Set pattern for Knittingrandma.  I liked the versatility in the pattern, and how it made me think of summer and iced tea.  Debby later told me that she'd been eying this pattern for awhile, so good choice!
I chose to send Tahki Cotton Classic in pink, white and purple.  Debby had asked for more girly colors, and I thought these were bold and would make a beautiful tea set.  I included 2 hanks in each color, just in case she wanted to make extra dishes.  With all her grandkids, I wanted to make sure everyone would be able to play along!
I like stitch markers, especially if they're fun and unique.  What better way to give Debby personalized stitch markers than make them myself!  I sat down with some polymer clay and just created whatever came to mind.  I came out with a little gray puppy & some iridescent disks.  They're sanded and coated with a gloss finish.  (I also included a set of these in the giveaway I hosted a while back.)
The Fiesta Tea Set pattern doesn't require a lot of extras.  Needles, some yarn, a stitch marker or two and you're set.  So to make sure this kit was complete I included a yarn needle, a tape measure and embroidery scissors.  I had plans for the scissors and tape measure when I bought them, but I ran out of time.  More on that tomorrow.
Finally, I couldn't just send this all along in a plastic bag when I had knowledge and know-how to make a project bag!  I jumped online and found some really cute fabric.  The outer fabric is teapots and cups, with "tea" splashed across the design.  I loved this fabric, I wish I had gotten more.  And it couldn't fit the theme any better.  I paired this crisp fabric with a pink fabric which reminded me of Dr. Seuss!  This fabric has whimsical trees dotted here and there, looking as though they're slightly bent by the wind.    I couldn't be happier with how this turned out.  It's a very simple bag, but hopefully it will fit Debby's knitting needs!
Come back tomorrow for a look at package #2!


  1. What a great package you put together :-) I really like the colours of the yarn. Any little girl would be thrilled to have a tea set knit from them!

  2. Thank you! :) I love sending packages. :) Or putting together gifts. :) That's one of the reasons I love Christmas so much. Yes, I appreciate receiving them as well, but it's such a joy to give someone something you know they'll appreciate as much as you do! :)

  3. Followed your link on the IB Group at Rav. Love your blog and the way you write (plus of course all the knitterly goodies and eye candy).