Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Grand Finale

Okay, maybe it's not a Grand Finale, but this is the third and final package.  And I loved having the chance to do a little more sewing.  First, I apologize for the dark photo above.  When I took the picture, I thought I had everything placed in a good spot, without too much shade or shadows. I even checked the picture before I moved stuff around.  I did have some pictures I took the night before when I was worried I wouldn't have time the next day for a photo shoot, but I hate taking pictures with flash, and without it, the pictures all have a yellow cast to them.

This final package required very little from me in terms of the necessary elements of the swap.  Just some yummies for their tummies and a blanket.  But because I'm me, I didn't feel that was a suitable way to wrap this up.  Yes, I baked the cookies, but I bought the blanket and I wanted something handmade (other than cookies) to be included.  And I'd had plans for Debby from the very start, I wasn't about to let her down now! (or at least let down myself and my expectations for this final package)

So on to the goodies.  First of all, I really wanted to send a handmade picnic blanket.  I had expectations for that wonderful teapot and Dr. Seuss fabric I talked so much about.  All I needed was one more coordinating fabric, and fabric for the backing and I'd be set to start.  Oops, did I forget to mention that I was sort of obsessed with getting Mom's shawl done at this point?  Yep, every moment went to that beautiful shawl.  It didn't leave a lot of time for sewing.  Let alone making any sort of blanket.  So instead I found a little blanket that reminded me of summer and being outside.  This blanket is super soft and cozy, with little delicate flowers adorning the top.  
Next, the last and final element.  Baked goods.  Well, they didn't have to be baked, it just had to be food of some kind, that you could actually eat.  Not something to knit or sew or play with.  I'd already decided to bake something and if you look back at my post HERE, you can read more about my day with these cookies.  I chose a classic Spritz cookie.  I've had a Pampered Chef Spritzer gun (I don't know if that's what it's really called, but I like the name) for a few years now.  For the last couple years, my sister and I have made Spritz cookies in the shape of Christmas trees, wreaths and snowflakes.  Colored green and red and yellow for Christmas and sprinkled with...well...sprinkles.  :) They're yummy and fun to look at! The feeling of fall was setting in, the leaves were starting to change, the weather getting cooler.  Yes, I had Fall Fever and I couldn't resist.  Picnics remind me of summertime, not fall.  But I HAD to make these Spritz cookies in the shape of Maple leaves.  I couldn't resist.  The minute I found the design, I was pulling the ingredients from the cupboards (never mind the fact I didn't plan to actually make cookies that day)!  So here they are, in reds, oranges and yellows.  I crossed my fingers when I sent them through the mail.  I HOPE Debby & her family were able to enjoy whole cookies and not just crumbs!
So you've heard about the required elements.  Knit, sewn, or store bought - it doesn't matter what method  you chose because everyone knows everything will be well received and their swap partners will be grateful and happy! :)  But I love to send extras, so that's just what I did.  I sent the kit with girly colors, and included cupcakes for the kids to play with.  I knew Debby said both boys and girls alike played with it all, but I wanted something more gender neutral, so I chose a game.  This neat little Matching Farm Game seemed just the ticket.  Memory games can be fun at all ages, so I felt this was very inclusive.
And what's a swap without something from home?  I'm the only one from Iowa (although not from the Midwest) in the swap, and decided to send along a coffee mug, fridge magnet and a set of John Deere playing cards to remind them of the Corn State.  John Deere isn't just Iowa, but since corn is a major export of ours, it fits. :)  Not to mention the number of people in our family that work/worked for them!
Okay, so this brings me to my favorite part of swap package #3.  The sewing!!!  WARNING!!  WARNING!!  Picture Overload to Follow!! (okay, maybe that was a bit dramatic, but you get the picture)

I had all this wonderful fabric to use since I didn't make a picnic blanket.  And like I said.  I'd had plans for Debby since the beginning.  I got to work making a zippered notions pouch to match the project bag. I deliberated for a long time about whether to put Dr. Seuss on the outside or inside.  On the outside, it would blend with the inside of the project bag, and then it might be hard to see with everything filling up the bag.  But if it was on the inside, it would be just like the project bag, and I like to shake things up a bit.   You can see the final decision for yourself.

This little pouch gave me a lot of trouble.  It misbehaved from beginning to end, but I blame my skills at talking it through the process.  I should have been more understanding when the zipper told me the fabric was making faces at it and refusing to cooperate.  :)  In the end, they shook hands and agreed to play nicely.
Finally.  We are at an end my friends.  And I will admit I almost kept this for myself.  I knew Debby preferred circs (circular needles), so I made a few minor modifications to my KnitBook design and got to work with her very own Circular KnitBook.  All the pockets accommodate circular needles or cables.  The pockets are probably too loose for interchangeable needle tips, unless they were stored in the zippered pocket.  Nonetheless, I love this little book.  The way the fabric came together (once again) pleased me to no end.

I may have to create a few of these for my Etsy shop.  :)  I don't have much more to say other than I love this.  I'll just show you too many pictures, and smile. :)

Thanks for sticking with it through this incredibly long post, dear readers!  Come back soon for more WIPs, FOs and Friday Favorites!


  1. Beautiful!! That fabric is so pretty, and this is one amazing final package :-)

  2. Wow, you are the world's best swap partner, that's for sure! Everything was just wonderful, and I'm envious of your fantastic sewing skills. :-)