Monday, August 9, 2010

Itty Bitty Teddy Bear Picnic Swap

Wow, now that's a mouthful of a title!

The most recent swap I've been participating in is the Teddy Bear Picnic Swap on the Itty Bitty forums.  This swap consists of 3 different packages, each sent a month apart.  Our first package was due to be sent by August 4th.  I thought this one would easily be out the door early on in the game...but with everything so busy getting other things around (both knit and sewn), I ended up sending it out the day before the deadline.  I have heard that my swap pal has received her package.  I hope she likes everything.

So for the rules - there are several elements to this swap.  When all is said and done, each participant should have everything they need for a teddy bear picnic.  Which requires several things such as a tea set/dishes, a picnic blanket, play food, a teddy bear, and real yummies.  And then of course any other goodies you feel the need to include.

The first package of the swap required us to send a "knit kit" to our partner so that she would have everything necessary to knit 1 element (i.e., the tea set, the teddy bear, the play food, the blanket, etc.).  So any yarn, pattern, stuffing, polypellets, needles, and the like should be included unless your partner says otherwise.  Although you do not have to send a kit that's an "Itty Bitty" or "Susan" pattern, you must use at least 1 Itty Bitty knit by the time all is said and done (that's what makes it an itty bitty swap!).

The second package is another element of the swap - if you sent a kit to knit the teddy bear on the first go around, then you could send a handmade picnic quilt.  Or you could send a knit food.  There are endless options on how you can orchestrate your packages.  (Side note - you don't have to knit everything.  We are given the option to knit, sew, or purchase any of the elements - no restrictions.)

The final package includes the remaining elements.  So if I sent a kit for a knit teddy bear and then sent a quilted blanket, my remaining package would could include some play food, a china tea set, and some homemade banana bread and cookies.  Like I said, lots of options here!

Although I'm not going to share yet what I sent to my swap partner, I am going to share what I have received! :)  I arrived home from a weekend away yesterday to find a package waiting for me.  I knew exactly what it was for!

After unpacking and getting X settled in with some juice and his toys, I opened it all up. :)  I had a good time enjoying the spread of items.
Everything was boxed up in a lovely decorative photo box with flowers and summery colors.  She also included a little Winnie the Pooh Bear card - I love Pooh Bear. :)
There was also a beautiful skein of Dream in Color Smooshy sock yarn for me to try (on my wish list to knit some day) in a wonderful blue colorway.
My swap pal also included a little bath toy for X - so thoughtful and I appreciate her thinking of him so much! It's a little turtle-shaped book with fun animals and colors.
As for my kit, she did not disappoint!  My swap pal got to work on her sewing machine and made me a lovely blue and green paisley project bag, which I adore.  How did she know I love paisley so much!  And project bags are the best - you can never have too many. :)
She sent the yarn for the knitted Finger Foods from Itty Bitty Toys.  I've been wanting to knit these for a while, this will be a great opportunity to do so.  The yarn is Cascade Yarns Fixation in several wonderful colors, along with a brown skein of Universal Yarn Pace.

And even better, I'll get to knit the food on my brand new Nickel-Plated KnitPicks dpns!  I love KnitPicks needles - it's my every intention to have a full set of Harmony & Nickel-Plated Options needles and dpns. :)   There was also a pretty notebook to help me keep track of my projects while I work on them.
So to my dear swap partner - thank you, thank you, thank you! I love it all and couldn't wait to take pictures yesterday! :)


  1. I've done a few swaps, and people almost always include something for my toddler, it's really nice.

  2. You got a great package! I love the project bag too! You're right, you can never have too many of those! Have fun with your knitting for this swap!

  3. Great package! I'm still waiting for mine to arrive.