Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Colors

I love Fall.  Summer is okay, I don't mind the hot weather.  The humidity is sometimes stifling, but manageable. Winter is my least favorite, with the snow and ice and the cold and the wind.  (Obviously, my least favorite.)  Spring is another favorite of mine, but I think overall, I prefer Fall.

Where I live, Fall is SO colorful!  Leaves change and then fall to the ground, the air gets crisp but not too cold.  Perfect weather for a sweatshirt or heavier sweater.  It means Halloween and Thanksgiving are just around the corner.

This year, I felt a lot more anxious for Fall to arrive.  I waited and waited for the trees to change colors.  I watched every day for signs that the change would happen soon.  Everything seemed to stay green for so long!  You'd see one tree here or there, but otherwise, nothing.

Then about a week or two ago, it was chilly, then really warm.  And it was during the warm weather that I noticed that all of a sudden, most of the trees starting turning gold and red and orange.  So pretty.  Grandma loved this time of year, she loved to drive around with the family and see all the changes happening around her. Fall will always remind me of her.

We have two fairly small trees in our front yard.  They don't produce much in the way of leaves to rake later.  No, we leave that to our neighbors' trees (all their leaves fall in OUR yard).  But they turn a beautiful red-orange that I love to look at.

There are a few trees that I think are my favorite spot in town (at least they have been for the last couple years).  On my way to work every morning I pass this group of 3-4 trees.  They're fantastic because each tree is a different color.

My favorites are the really red and red-orange trees because they look like they're going to burst into flames any moment.

Where we used to live when I was much younger was beautiful this time of year.  The town is also known as "The City of Maples."  In my opinion, they're the best tree in the fall. :)

One of my other favorites during this time of year are Burning Bushes.  I don't know what their really called, but in the fall they turn bright red!  We used to have one in our front yard, but for whatever reason, it died this summer.  :(

I love that where we live in this country, you can visually see the passing of the seasons.  Each one is so different from the next!

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  1. That picture of the three different colored trees is just amazing!!! Fall is my favorite, too!! :)