Tuesday, September 7, 2010

You've Got Mail

Isn't it funny how those 3 little words instantly trigger a certain memory?  Maybe not for everyone, but for a lot of people, I think that's a pretty true statement.  

I remember our first family computer (Yes, family computer, we all shared.  In fact, my siblings and I had time limits because we fought over whose turn it would be.) Mostly I just played games on it.  Then I remember when we actually got our dial-up modem and we could access the internet!  And that was back when you paid for a certain number of minutes per month online.  Wow, how times have changed.   Now, I don't think most of us would be patient enough to wait for the modem to dial, and some of us might have a difficult time limiting the number of minutes/hours we spend online.  Can you imagine putting that sort of restriction on teenagers now?  They're so tuned in to getting everything instantly whether it be online, email, text message or phone call (although, how many kids actually make phone calls instead of texting?). Although I grew up right about the time all the computer technology was really getting good, sometimes it all makes me feel old (comparatively), especially with how "plugged in" kids now seem to be.  

But I digress.  

The real reason the title statement makes me so happy is because I love receiving mail.  Any kind - snail mail, email, invitations, thank yous, packages, pretty much anything besides bills and spam/junk mail. And speaking of packages....I should be getting one soon in the mail, I think. :)  My swap partner in the Itty Bitty Teddy Bear Picnic swap told me she sent out my package early last week.  :)  I'm not sure where that puts the package after the long holiday weekend here in the US, but it should be coming any day. :)  And although X doesn't know it's coming, I know he'll have a blast helping me open it up to see what kinds of goodies are inside. :) 

I also can't forget to mention that my swap partner's package is also going out in the mail today!  I feel like I've just run a marathon to complete the 2nd portion of this swap.  I was going, going, going up to the very end.   It's a relief to have things finished and ready to go.  The final package due in a month should be a bit more laid back.  And since I remembered to take pictures of both packages thus far, it shouldn't be difficult to remember what's leftover to put in the final parcel. :) 

Dear Swap Partner -
Please enjoy these few teasers from your package! :) 


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