Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Friday

Aren't these lovely?  This is the surprise that entered my office this morning shortly after I'd gotten to work. :)  My MIL visited yesterday and knowing I was getting sick sent me flowers today.  :)  They're so beautiful and such an uplifting part of my day.
And I figured since I can't share any pictures of my knitting projects right now (still top secret) and I haven't done much sewing so no pictures there, I'd share a few pictures of these pretties. :)

This vase is filled with yellow, orange, pink, white and green. :) I don't know what all the types of flowers are, but it doesn't really matter.  It was so sweet of C to think of me today!

So, fellow readers, when do you get surprised with flowers?  Your birthday?  Anniversary? Mother's Day?  Maybe just because. :)  Sometimes those are the best.
These last 2 photos are my favorites of the bunch!

Have a wonderful weekend, and for my fellow Americans, Happy Labor Day! Enjoy that extra long weekend.



  1. Gosh I wish I had a mother in law that sent me flowers because I wasn't feeling good. I'm lucky to get the grocery store flowers on my birthday or mother's day.

  2. Beautiful flowers and beautiful photos!

    Bryan wasn't good at buying flowers, and on a Valentine's day years ago, he bought me flowers for the first time. But oh no, I guess it was the left-over rose - it was already dying... the bruised petals. I was of course surprised to receive it.