Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nap Time

As I mentioned yesterday, I was home today with X since he couldn't be at daycare.  We've had fun today, playing with fridge magnets, going to school to get my picture taken and going with Daddy to the post office.  There was plenty, but not too much, to do.

When X went down for his nap today I took the opportunity to organize and clean up my knitting space (i.e, the kitchen table).  I was torn between working on Mom's shawl and this much needed organization, but finally the need for some order won out.  

I recently got my new ball winder (I think X sat on the old one and broke it) and swift so after I got all the needles, project bags, patterns and yarn put away, I decided to wind some yarn.  My stash is small, but much in need of that above mentioned order! :)  

I got everything set up on the island in the kitchen and got to work.  
See that pile of yarn?  That's just the yarn that's in a hank.  I figured that'd be the easiest place to start since the rest of the yarn is in a ball or "intertwined" skein.  
There's something so satisfying about seeing your stash wound into wonderful yarn cakes. :)  By the end of the day, maybe I'll even have a picture to show you all for all my effort. :) 


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