Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just a Taste

It's nowhere near complete, but I figured it was time I finally shared some pictures of my current WIP.  My very patient mother has been waiting for this to be completed since her birthday.  I won't mention when her birthday actually falls (okay - so we didn't have a pattern or yarn picked out until after her birthday, but at this point, that's a moot subject).

I had started this a while back, eager to have the chance to work on a shawl.  This pattern is one I've mentioned several times, called Haruni.  Which in the Elven language means Grandmother. :)  Very fitting. :) Anyway, I started this, but then other things got put higher on the priority list over the summer, and well, I'm finally getting back to it.
Unfortunately, when I picked it back up to work on it more, I had forgotten where I was.  I know I marked on the chart where to start, but I was lost after not working with it for so long.  I frogged it (cringing a bit as I did) and started over.

Progress is good.  I've gotten through Chart A once, and have completed 1 of 4 pattern repeats for Chart A.  I've decided that when I've finished all 4 repeats I'll be about halfway finished.  At least that's what I'm telling myself.
It's hard to pick out the pattern right now, or any subtle color change in this lovely yarn (Madelinetosh Prairie, Baltic) because the shawl isn't finished.  Once it's finished & blocked, the pattern should be pretty noticeable.  Since I'm not used to working with lace weight yarn, I'm crossing my fingers that it turns out like it should.  The needles are so small and the yarn is so fine.  But I love this pattern.  I will make one for myself.  Eventually.

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  1. Found you through a Ravelry blog post search (every so often I stalk other Haruni knitters). The pattern is very slow going for me too, but it's also been very satisfying. I know you said you can't see the pattern much, but to my eyes it looks like it's shaping up very nicely. It does go a little faster after that first repeat, even with all the increases, then it slows down a LOT when you transition from part A to part B.

    Best of luck!