Sunday, September 12, 2010

How We Spent Our Afternoon

Today is hubby's birthday.  I'm not a fancy cook and I don't bake a lot, but sometimes, I manage to sneak it in. :)

X & I enjoyed spending our time this afternoon baking Daddy some brownies.
After helping pour in a few ingredients, X decided a taste test was necessary.  Several times.
Two words.  Chocolate everywhere!  I think it's time to invest in an X sized apron! :)
The brownies were yummy, just a hint of peanut butter combined with chocolate. And powder sugar glazey goodness to top it off. :)
This one's on the list to make again.  And the best part was that Daddy liked it too! :)


  1. I think you should sew X an apron. That would be so cute. There are also some great patterns out there for chef's hats.

  2. I agree! :) That's kind of what I was thinking, now I need to get on the ball and start looking for some patterns. :)