Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Love the Giveaways!

I wouldn't say I'm obsessed with them, but I can't help but enter then when I find them!  And there are such great giveaways out there, they're hard to resist.

Anyone remember Sisters?  I made this reversible toy for my sister for Christmas.  She loved it.  I tweaked the pattern a bit to look like her and me (as much as a knit doll can look like us) and I loved the result.  It was one of the first toys I knit and I had no idea what the world of fibre could offer me.  So I went to the nearest Hobby Lobby and purchased yarn I thought would do the job.

I wish I had known how to access all these other yarns Susan uses in her book!  I know the book lists the name and brand of yarn she uses for each pattern, but I was at a loss for how she found them (or how other people found them, for that matter!).

I've now made 2 reversible toys, Sisters and Egg to Bluebird and a Nest Too.  The Egg to Bluebird was part of a kit I received from a swap, and I loved making it.  I'd love to knit the Lion/Elephant reversible. It's just so darn cute.

So now comes the good part!  Olof is having a giveaway this week on her blog for O-Wool, which is the yarn Susan uses in Itty Bitty Toys for all of her reversible knit toys! :)  If I won, I could get half the colors needed to knit a toy! :) And now that I know where to go, I could get the other half to match elsewhere. :)

O-Wool sounds like a great yarn since it's organic and child-friendly.  A good thing for my little X-man considering everything still goes in his mouth! :) Head on over and check out the giveaway! :)

Happy Knitting!

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  1. Thank you for plugging my blog in yours. About to head to your store to see how things are going.