Saturday, August 21, 2010

Yarny Goodness

I had a lovely surprise (okay, not so much a surprise) on my doorstep today after the mail carrier left.  A big ol' box of yarn from Knit Picks!  I have been watching the yarn travel across the country on its way to me.  It kept telling me it was destined to arrive on Monday.  But they always over-estimate with Knit Picks.  It arrived today (and hopefully I'll be able to knit something up with it soon!).

First of all, I opened up the box and found this deliciously yummy KnitPicks Shine Worsted in Marmalade.  It just sounds good, doesn't it?  This will be the perfect color for Autumn and Winter.  I don't normally choose or get to knit with something so bold, so I'm pretty excited about this one.  It's a very bold, rusty orange and it's going to be knit into something very beautiful and soft and functional for a friend of mine, T.  I asked her a little while back to create a design logo for me and my Etsy shop.  We came to an agreement that she would design the logo and I would knit her something fun to match her winter wear.  She's sent me a few samples of logos and I'm still choosing which I like best. :)
When J & I went on our weekend trip a couple weeks ago, we had the chance to visit the book store.  Any more I don't go to bookstores to read fantasy, instead I head straight to the fibre & fabric craft section and look over all the pattern books! So this time, I picked up a couple Debbie Bliss baby books, each for a specific pattern (although there were many more than just 1 pattern per book that I want to knit!).

I've been wanting to find X a good toddler bathrobe for a while now.  Most of the ones I've found are too small or too "baby."  Well one of these books had the perfect little bathrobe!  And good thing I found it sooner rather than later because the pattern only goes up to 24 mo (I'm sure I could figure out how to make it bigger but my brain isn't up for that sort of math right now).  I found some deep jewel blue yarn - Cotlin DK in Planetarium, which will be trimmed in Canary.  It's going to be lovely, I think.
And the second pattern is Sweater with Ribbed Yoke.  This will be Comfy Sport in Planetarium with the potential for a little bit of gray trim in Whisker. :) I think this is going to look fantastic on X, especially with his big blue eyes and long eyelashes.
So it all makes for one big, happy pile of yarny goodness!  (I also got a couple goodies for my swap partner in the package as well, but you won't hear about those until later.)
With all that said, I've got a lot of knitting ahead of me for the fall! :)


  1. Love your yarny choices! :) I look forward to watching you knit them.

  2. Wonderful colour choices. I love the marmalade shade. It's so autumn!