Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Demo Derby & Flouncy Bag

So it's a Friday night in America's hometown, the County Fair is upon us.  And where do X and I find ourselves?
Aunt C  & X
That's right.  At the Demolition Derby! I don't know how many of you, Readers, have ever been to a Demo Derby, but it's a lot of noise and crashing and mud flying and fun! I've been attending Demo Derby's for a long time and they always amuse me.  And yes, I chose to take time away from knitting or sewing or crafting at home to go out in the hot, humid July weather to see these people crash into one another.  In my opinion, one of the best ways to spend a Friday night in the summertime. :)

This year we sat a bit low in the bleachers - 4 or 5 rows up.  Usually we're at least 2-3 rows higher.  Now, everyone is relatively close to the "field" (probably more accurately called a "ring") because let's face it - this is a small town county fair.  But there are a few dangers to sitting so low and close.  And that evening was no exception.  For those of you who are not up to speed with what happens at a demolition derby, let me inform you on a few pieces.

There are several rounds, each a different "class" that is competing.  The cars all line up, rev their engines, wave to the crowd.  Then the flag is dropped and they go to town, crashing and banging into one another with as much force as possible.  Each car has a red flag attached to signal you're still in the game. You're disqualified if you intentionally strike the driver's side door (for safety reasons - we don't want anyone to get hurt!).  You are also required to break your flag if your car stalls and you can't get it restarted in a pre-determined amount of time.  Also, if you get stuck in the mud or on the logs surrounding the ring, you're out (for the obvious reason that you can no longer move - and it's not safe for other cars to try and push them out of the ring further).
The ring/track/field is just dirt.  But....if it's especially dry then someone goes out to water that dirt, which  all of us know makes mud.  The mud makes it more fun - more slick - more mess.  But it also means that if a car really spins it's tires, and the car is facing away from the stands, and that mud starts flinging.....guess where it lands? Yes, you guessed it - right into our laps!  Or at our heads, or knees, or feet.  But no worries - it's still fun.
X had a blast!  He couldn't stop pointing and exclaiming at those loud cars! He loved the noise and the crashing and just the entire process.  I'm so glad I took him.  He's such a boy. (Although, I will admit, I probably enjoyed it as much as he did.)
One driver did get hurt, but wasn't seriously injured.  Although he was carried off, he was able to wave to crowd as he went by.

And by the time X and I left for home, it had drastically cooled off.  A storm was rolling in and the clouds blocked out that hot, hot sun.  A nice breeze came through and it became an enjoyable evening - a break in the humidity.  :)

I was also able to use this night as an opportunity to test out a new bag I made.  The pattern is the Flouncy Bag from One Yard Wonders by Rebecca Yaker & Patricia Hoskins. I made it with the intention of using it as a project bag for my knitting, but thought I may want to use it for other things every now and then.  I love how the bag turned out, but I will stick with it for it's intended purpose.
I used leftover fabric from my personal KnitBook to make all the pieces.  I omitted the ribbon embellishment on the strap and the ribbon pockets on the inside.
The outside of the bag is gathered at the top and bottom (and now I not only know how to gather, but I've gotten a few tips from Mom on how to do it better, as well as how to sew better curves - thanks Mom!!).  This gives it a nice "pouffy" feeling/look.

The lining is not gathered, just straight 9" panels attached to an oval bottom.  If I were to make this bag again, I'd make the lining bigger. There is no give to the inside and you can store very little.  I wouldn't like this bag as a purse or an out-and-about bag because I'd have no room.  Along with making it bigger, I might even consider gathering the lining to give it that great ease.

My hopes with that redesign is that it would also give the outside more shape and play up the gathers.  Very easy, cute bag, though.  I love it for my knitting - it stores everything I need pretty well. :)


  1. My 2 year old would have loved going to a demo derby. He loves cars and trains. That bag is cute I would love to make one out of some tweed or some other fabric that is stiff.

  2. Your new bag is very cute! Looks like it will hold a good size project! I'm hoping to learn to sew soon so I can make bags! What fun!