Monday, August 23, 2010

A Little Discombobulated

Wow!  So I just took a look and I've almost got 100 posts on this blog!  That's pretty cool. :)  Nothing else much to share about that, just thought it was neat to think about.

I've been plugging away on swap & gift knitting.  About half of my swap projects are complete.  Because each of these patterns doesn't dictate exactly how much of each thing to knit, I'm having a hard time deciding where to stop.  I don't want it to be too little, but I don't want to do overdo it either.  And I'm still waiting on some Berroco yarn to finish one of the projects.  Darn online yarn shopping.  It means I have to wait. And wait. And wait.

I was going to do some sewing for the next element of the swap, but I'm having a hard time dedicated myself to that sort of commitment yet. I feel like I don't have enough time (although in reality, I really do) to complete things.  I think part of what's scaring me is the blanket.  So swap partner, if you've figured out who I am, I'll leak one small tiny detail in that I'm sewing you the picnic blanket. :) I really want to make a nice, little quilt.  That's all fine and dandy, but that means I also have to apply/sew on a binding. :( Boo. My least favorite part.  And I haven't found just the right fabric yet. Hence, needing more time.

I also must admit that because this swap is split into 3 parts, I'm having a hard time visualizing everything put together.  I usually like to send a nice, thoughtful planned out package.  This requires setting all my pieces together to admire and adjust accordingly.  Adding more or taking away things I don't feel quite fit.  And I since I want to include something extra and fun in each package, I'm having a hard time deciding how to do that.  Normally, the extras come at the end after all the necessary items have been completed. Does it make sense to say I feel like each package is going to be small and insignificant because it's not all wrapped up together in one great big box?  Probably silly for me to think that way.  So needless to say, I'm feeling a little discombobulated about the entire thing (love the swap & making items, but muddling through the organization!).

The gift knitting is actually the trade I talked about last time using that delicious Marmalade from Knit Picks.  I couldn't wait to start the project, even though I had originally intended to.  That yarn was calling to me from across the room, begging me to make it into something warm and pretty. :) I'm loving the design of this pattern (details I'll share at a later date).  And the Shine Worsted is heaven on the hands.  I just want to squish it all day long. And I have to admit, just a little slick when holding it.  I'm using Nickel-Plated needles and that combined with the silky yarn makes it slip through the fingers quite easily. Most of the time this is okay because it means it's a fast moving project.  The problem is that my hands haven't quite adjusted to the short length of the needle tips (I've been using a lot of dpns lately) and I feel like I have nothing to hang on to.

When I went to wind my yarn yesterday for the above project, I found my yarn winder was broken.  The  turny piece doesn't swivel correctly so I don't get a nice balanced ball of yarn.  Instead, the yarn winds around the center piece in the same spot the entire time.  If I wanted that I'd just use my hands. (I think X played with it a few too many times.) Looks like I'll be needing a new winder then.  Bugger.

Tonight I think I'll be gathering a few supplies to finish up some projects.  And potentially some lights of some sort to work with a light box, once I've put it all together.  We'll see.


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