Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I have been busy busy busy knitting away on some gifts.  I'm pretty proud of myself for the amount that I've accomplished in such a short time, and of course, I'm dying to share pictures and tell you all about them.  If you're on Ravelry, you've seen a few of my projects, although there are a few I can't share there either. :\

One of my next projects will be little.  My mom works at a school, and like many other schools, teachers and staff all have ID tags that they wear throughout the day.  A few years back I made her a few jeweled lanyards to wear her tags on, but she's looking for something new and a little spiffier.  I may incorporate a few of the binky clips into a ID clip design.  Obviously, she won't be using a pacifier clip to hold it on, but we think we've got something worked out.  I've also got a few flower patterns that I'll be picking from to make a few of these as well.  I will share my progress as I go along - I'll have to get creative in attaching them, but I think I can work something out!

I have a few sewing projects I'd like to get back to.  There are a couple quilts I'd really like to start - namely the I-Spy quilt for X.  He's very much at the age where pointing and naming and talking about things is FUN!  I have to remind myself, though, that when I'm ready to tackle this project, it's okay if I choose to do little bits at a time, and work on other projects in-between.  I have a tendency when sewing to start and finish a project before moving on to another one.  While this keeps me organized and less likely set projects aside for extended periods of time, I will admit that sometimes I get bored with just one project and feel the need to move on to something else.  I don't have any qualms with having several knit projects on the needles, so why do I feel guilty about the sewing?  Maybe because in sewing, I like to have everything spread out in front of me where I can see it all.  And then I leave it in a relatively messy state until said project is finished.

The other thing I'd LOVE to finish in the next couple weeks is a laptop sleeve for my school computer.  I have the pattern, I'm sure I've got some fabric that I want to use (need to stash dive before I buy anymore!), now I just need to kick myself into gear (what's that Nike motto?  Just Do It!).  For those of you who have laptops, and use some type of laptop sleeve, what do you do with all the cords?  My purposes for the sleeve are so I can carry my computer in my schoolbag and not lug around the laptop case.  Should I create an extra pocket on the front/top to accommodate a mouse and power cord?  Or just settle with throwing it in the bag, not worrying about it being in the sleeve?

It's a gloomy, humid, rainy day here. Hopefully, this makes for good crafting weather! :)


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