Friday, June 25, 2010

Gerald the Giraffe

Have any of you felt so inspired by someone else's creativity, you felt you just had to try it for yourself?  That's the way I felt when I saw Susan B. Anderson's book Itty Bitty Toys.  For those of you who've read my blog in the past, you know that Susan designs knitting patterns - hats, children's clothing, toys, and accessories.  On the cover of this wonderful book of toys was a beautiful giraffe peeking it's head over an armchair.  In that same moment I knew I had to have this book.  The funny part?  I didn't yet know how to knit!! 

Ever since I brought Itty Bitty Toys home from the bookstore I've been planning to knit that giraffe.  At the end of May I finally sat down and got started.  And I'm here today to tell you that I am in LOVE with this guy.  (Should hubby be jealous??) 
First of all, a few details.  Gerald is knit with Spud & Chloe Sweater yarn in Splash and Lake.  Splash was used for the body and all the main parts.  Lake was used for all the embellishments and details like the mane, spots, hooves, and heart.  There were a lot of smaller pieces required for this project and sometimes I felt as though I was moving nowhere fast.  But by focusing on how great the finished object would be, I was able to get through the smaller bits. Gerald's head and face are probably my favorite part, including his mane - those dark blue pom-poms are so fun and soft!
As for Gerald himself, well, there's a lot I could say!  Like how he's the perfect size for snuggling...and I should know since I snuggled my fair share of stuffed animals as a child.  His head fits perfectly under your arm or if you prefer, an arm around his belly holding him tight while his legs dangle from side to side. :)  He'll be your tag-a-long friend whever you go.  I can just picture X lugging him aroun by the arm or hugging him around the neck. 
He may seem flopsy or gangly but don't let that fool you - this giraffe is surprisingly flexible with lovely long legs and a graceful neck.  And cute, Shrek-like ears to hear all the fun and joy that surrounds him!
He loves nothing better than to lay beside you in the grass on a warm summer's day or to be cradled in tight while reading a story.  And the happiness he emits is contagious, it's so hard to put him down!  He's not even mine and I can't stop carrying him around. 
I encourage all you knitters out there to pick up and knit this handsome Giraffe.  He is well worth the time and effort it takes to complete him!


  1. LOVE him! He is absolutely adorable! He's go such flexible arms! Great photos too!

  2. I can't tell you how much I love him! You did a fantastic job! The book came out in November- how long have you been knitting?

    Again, great job!!!

  3. Oops, part of my comment was erased on accident. I was trying to say if you've only been knitting for 7 months, that makes this little guy that much more impressive!

  4. Absolutely FANTASTIC! Your choice of colors is perfect. I am knitting thru the "itty bittys" but have not made the giraffe yet. I try to copy Susan's yarn and colors, but, WOW, I would consider changing this guy to your colors. Great job.