Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Method To My Madness?

I feel as though my projects and hobbies lately have taken over in a way that does not lend itself to finishing anything.  I start one project and decide I'd like to work on another.  There are things for me and things for others.  And sometimes it's nice to have a change in pace and mix things up a bit.  Most of the time, I'm okay with my to-craft list being in a constant state of ebb & flow. 

The last few days, though, I feel as though it leaves me wondering what to do.  I have so much I want to do and so much I've started, by the time the night is over and I've gone to bed, I've ended up working on nothing.  This is counter-productive. 

I gave myself a goal last week to finish the Vertical Stripes hat this past weekend.  It didn't happen.  I will admit that I completely forgot about my goal.  So last night when I couldn't decide what to do, I forced myself to pick up this project.  I keep reminding myself that I will like this hat when it's finished...but the getting there has me dragging my feet.  I finished 2 panels, 1 seed stitch and 1 cable.  I did this while watching "Shakespear in Love."  It surprised me that I only finished 2 panels after knitting through the entire movie.  But now the hat is over the half-way hump.  I know I can get it done this week! 

And while I sat knitting this hat, I saw my unfinished needle case calling my name from my sewing table.  I've got new fabric now.  I bought just a solid color fabric - not sure how I'll incorporate it at this point, and I think I'll end up reworking a few panels of the case.  Tweeking, you know. 

And then I walk upstairs and I see my roly-poly pear giraffe.  Only his body is done.  He's a little overstuffed - he's eaten too many leaves!  And he reminds me of a pear.  I'm thinking of naming him RolyPear.  I know - a silly name for a Giraffe.  And he's really not mine - he's X's toy.  So it's likely that when X gets a little older and can talk a little better, he'll have given him a new name.  C'est La Vie.

And then there's Mom's Haruni shawl.  I love how her yarn is working up in this shawl.  I want to work on it more, but can only do so when little man is not distracting me.  And my poor Traveling Woman shawl is buried somewhere at the bottom of a bag.

Somewhere amid all this chaos, I do have order.  There IS a method to my madness.  It's just a little fuzzy. :)


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