Thursday, June 10, 2010

Drip Drip Drop

Today is one of those days I remember why I named my blog Drip Drip Drop.  I loved Bambi as a little girl and always loved the opening song when Bambi is born, "April Showers."  I know it's June, not April, but it's been raining off and on for several days now.  These are the rainy days I enjoy, though.  It's warm outside, and even when you get caught in the rain (like X & I did on our walk on Monday!!), it's not uncomfortable. 

Today, I chose to go outside to take a few pictures of X's Vertical Stripes hat, even though it was raining (we have a covered stoop) and while I was outside, I couldn't help but take pictures of a few flowers around our house.

The most beautiful to me are the Day Lilies that grow in several places in front.  A section by the steps, some in the middle, and some on the side by our Burning Bush. 
There are also some neat vibrant purple flowers (don't know the name) that we didn't realize we had. 
They were covered by some over grown Spirea (? I think that's what it's called?).  J cut the Spirea back to reveal these pretty flowers and several other little plants.  It looks so much better now. 


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