Monday, March 1, 2010

Finish Line

I officially crossed the Ravelympics finish line last night! :)  I successfully completed X's Owl Baby Vest.  I have yet to take any decent pictures, so none to post -quite- yet, but soon!  And hopefully a couple of him in it!

As I mentioned before, this vest was a challenge for me.  Clothing seems like such a daunting thing to knit.  You have to worry about gauge, yarn weight, drape, size, blocking, seaming, edging....lots of things.  And it feels much scarier thinking you could put a lot of hard work into a project, finish it up, only to have it not fit or for it to look funny.  How disappointing.  Especially if you're REALLY excited about the pattern. :\ knits were the place to start. 

I learned several things that I can take with me into my next clothing experience.  I made mistakes that work out alright on X's clothing, but may mean disaster if it were for me. So next time, I've got a few things to keep in mind.  Although I don't think I'll be expanding and knitting sweaters for myself just yet, there is hope that maybe...someday....

I am proud that I completed this vest though.  I really like the colors I chose - Lake and Moonlight from Spud & Chloe.  It should nicely enhance X's blue eyes.

And although it was a race to finish this garment, it was still a great piece for a beginner.  I didn't have a lot of time to dedicate to just knitting - the majority of the garment was knit in 3-4 days.  

There's not a whole lot more about this other than I'm anxious to get some great pictures taken and to get them posted.  Pictures are my favorite part.  And I figure anyone reading probably enjoys them more than just listening to me babble on about this that and the other thing!


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