Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Now what?

There are so many projects I want to work on.  I keep realizing all the things I want to do for myself, but can't resist making things for other people as well.  For instance - who can resist making cute little hats and toys for babies?  There are so many new babies around right now and the items knit up so quickly.  

That's not even including all the things I've found and want to knit for X!  Hats, toys, sweaters, the list goes on.  So my personal projects get put on the back burner.  I suppose it's just a matter of priorities.  I am determined, though, to start a project for myself very soon.  I have the yarn all picked out, I know which pattern I'm using, I'm just waiting to cast on. 

Maybe it would help if I just cast on and knit a few rows to get me started.  I have several things in mind, but I've decided to start with a lace scarf/shawl.  The scarf is called Traveling Woman.  It is inspired two things: 1) the song, "Travelling Woman" by Bat for Lashes and 2) the character Angela Montenegro from the tv series Bones.  I love Angela's character - she's an artistic, romantic, believer in love.  Not to mention I think the scarf is pretty.  I know a lot of beginning lace knitters have tried this scarf and found it to be manageable, so I'm crossing my fingers I won't have too much trouble. The other shawl I think is beautiful is Haruni. For someone like me, this shawl would probably be considered moderately difficult.  I wouldn't mind trying this one first, but it seems overwhelming as my first lace project.

Other things on the menu:
Sewing!  I need to get more of this done.  I haven't gotten my hands dirty on any sewing projects for a while because they're so much more involved.  Sewing projects: needle case, knitting tote, patch blankets, fix vest. 

Maybe with spring break next week I'll have a little extra time to start some of this.  I think Traveling Woman will be started in time to take it with me on the way to Colorado.  Then I can work on it intermittantly througout the drive.  Of course, there are other, smaller projects I'd like to finish up and get out of the way as well.  I hate to have too many projects going at once, but in a way, it's a lot easier to focus on finishing something if I know it's already started.

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  1. You should put making at least one thing for yourself on the top of your list. Something like a shawl is great. It's so much fun to wear it and when you get compliments say, "Thank you. I made it!"