Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Couple birdies feeling left out

I realized today while updating the website, that there are a few projects I neglected to mention and post pictures of. 

I don't have pictures on my current computer to post, but wanted to add a blurb about the projects.  First off, I knit up and completed Egg to Bluebird and a Nest from Itty Bitty Toys.  This project was part of the Painted Turtle hat swap on Ravelry.  I previously posted about the package I  sent and the one I recieved.  I quickly took up the yarn and some needles to cast on and finished this toy in a couple days (cast on a couple days before the Olympics and finished while watching opening ceremonies). 

X LOVES playing with the egg/bluebird.  This is another reversible toy.  Around Christmas time I knit Sisters for my Sister.  The egg can be flipped to a bird (of any color of course).  And the nest is just a bonus to the pattern! :)  X has fun taking the egg/bluebird out and putting it back into the nest.  He also finds the nest to be a great place to store his binka while he's not using it.  It is so much fun to watch him enjoy this toy! 

I had a bit of trouble centering the head on the body of the bird.  Every time I would sew it on, it was off-center or crooked.  Never wanting to "settle" on a finished project, I took the head off at least 3 times before I was happy.  It's good now. :)   If I make this toy again, I will probably make the opening at the bottom (to flip the toy) a bit larger so it's easier to flip back and forth.  I may have measured a bit small this time and so it requires a bit of work before you reveal the other side.  Overall, though, a HUGE success!

Second, I completed a little tidbit for the next swap I'm doing.  (This topic really requires it's own post)  After laboring through a few pages of patterns, I found a pattern for what amounts to an egg cozy.  Except this one is fun when you consider that Easter is just around the corner.  This chick is meant to hold a large Cadbury Egg.   With a cute little ribbon tied around the neck of the chick.  I posted this on Ravelry just as a teaser for my swap partner.  This little guy knit up in a matter of hours. 

The pattern was a bit unclear, and because X was up from his nap, it took longer than I had hoped to get it done, but I did finish before bed.  The pattern for this knit used more "plain language" and less knitting terms.  This got to be confusing because I kept making mistakes about my place in the project.  Also, there was minimal crocheting, but instead of saying "double crochet in __ stitch" it would say "chain 2, put hook through knit stitch, pull loop through stitches, then pull loop through last stitch." Or something like that.  Very confusing on that part.   And although I originally cast on using magic loop, I had to switch to dpns to finish because of the shaping of the body.  I couldn't figure out how to make this happen correctly using magic loop. 

Anywho, just wanted to give them their 15 seconds of fame. :) Both fun, both projects I would knit again.


Oh yeah!  One other project I failed to mention way back when....

Another Christmas present, I knit up a blue & white holiday ornament for my MIL. The ornament turned out much larger than I was expecting it to be, but it was different, and at the time, a challenge for me.  I did forget to take pictures of this, though, so you'll just have to take my word for it that it turned out well. :)


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