Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Flower Power

This is just a drive-by posting about the latest pacifier clip I knit. It was super simple, super quick and super cute (enough supers for you?). I cast on the petals one night and had finished the making up the next. It only took so long because I couldn't give it my undivided attention, and instead had to settle for short stints of time.  
I have been waiting to knit this clip for awhile. Flowers aren't very "boy" and X doesn't need a clip anyway since we want him to be binky free sooner rather than later. This is for a friend's little girl. I liked the look in the book so I tried to achieve the same colors and contrast.  I am happy with the pink petals, contrasted by the yellow trim.  Simple and feminine. 
I had limited options for my greens.  They were either all too dark or just didn't quite mesh with the pink and yellow.  I settled on this somewhat shimmery mint green.  I was doubting my choice while I knit it, but now that it's all knit together, I think it creates a fresh, spring look.  A good color for a baby.

These leaves seemed tiny while knitting and were a little difficult to attach to the stem, just because they felt a bit fiddly.  My fingers aren't very coordinated so they flopped around a bit until I could really fasten them down properly.
Because of the bob in the middle of the flower, when laying face down, it still tilts a little.  Not a problem, but I hope the flower isn't too heavy when in use. 


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