Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Easter Swap

It deserves it's own post. 

It's time for the next Itty Bitty Swap.  The last one was a lot of fun w/ turtle hats and toy kits.  This time around, it's reversed a little bit, and there is a specific theme.  Since it's so close, we chose to do an Easter swap.  In short, everything Easter related (in some fashion).  Swappers get to choose 1 toy to knit and 1 hat kit to send, or vice versa.  The hat & the toy must be from the Itty Bitty Collection. Must include Easter goodies of different sorts.  Doesn't have to be extravagent. 

There are several toys to choose from, and 2 hats.  The hats include Bunny Tail or Little Chick.  The toys include Chubby Bunny, Rabbit, Dotty Chickens, Bunny, or Egg to Bluebird and a Nest Too.  I have decided to knit a toy and send a hat kit since I made the hat last time.  And toys are so much fun!

I've gathered my Easter goodies - complete with different chocolate items, a game, and some other neat items.  I also found an Easter themed free pattern that although I'm not sending a kit for, is still within the realm of the swap.  The Cadbury Chick is included in the swap - now I need to get the Cadbury Egg! :)  The Chick is not an Itty Bitty knit, but when I found the pattern, I knew I wanted to include it. 

Not a great picture, but you get the idea

The packaging this time is a little trickier than the last swap since there are potential meltables being mailed.  And even though the weather is cool across the board in -most- places, I would have for an unusually warm day to spoil the package and for someone to recieve a chocolate chick instead of a crisp, white one!  My solution?  Treat bags.  I originally wanted the wrapping you see on those huge Easter baskets with the stuffed bunny and sweet treats inside.  But the only ones I found were HUGE and only 1 per package.  Ripoff. So instead, I'm using Easter treat baggies.  I think I can still wrap them up the way I want.  And it will make for a fun way to present the yarn, treats & toy.  I'm hoping to include a small Easter basket as well - we'll see how big a box I get. 

I'm anxious to recieve my swap package as well.  The anticipation of waiting for your mail - knowing that the ladies of mailed out packages, then ripping (okay, gently opening) said package to find out whether Xander will have a brand new hat or a brand new toy and seeing what sort of things my swap partner thought to include!

This project will keep me busy for the next week or two.  I also have a couple hats and another binky clip I want to get done.  Somewhere in there are a couple projects for myself - like the Sinful Ribbed Scarf that's partially knit.  Eventually I'll get to them. :)


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