Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Itty Bitty Easter Swap = Fantastic!

I'm still feeling very "gushy" from yesterday.  I have been waiting (patiently) for my package of goodies to arrive.  This swap centered around an Easter theme.  Knit an item (either toy or hat) from Susan's collection of patterns that represented Easter.  As I previously posted, I chose to knit Rabbit and sent yarn for the Bunny Tail hat.  I've been watching the forum thread and seeing all these absolutly lovely and thoughtful gifts everyone was getting - only further heightening my anticipation of opening my own swap package!

While sitting at home on the computer (reading Itty Bitty forum threads, actually) the doorbell rang.  We don't get many people at our door, and those people who do frequent the house don't usually ring the doorbell.  So I assumed it was the mail carrier - making the then obvious jump to conclusion my package had arrived!!

I hurried upstairs to get the mail, signing for the package, and rushing to the counter to inspect everything it held inside.  Two things to note at this point: 1) I always want pictures of everything so I was torn between making sure I'd photographed the package from beginning to end and just ripping open everything without hesitation! 2) My mind was flitting from thought to though trying to decide whether to go make a hurried post about receiving my package and thanking my dear swap partner (thank you again, melissabear!), and...ripping open this package!  I ended up posting, then carefully opening and documenting the package. :)

What a treat inside!  M included so many goodies! 
First off, she knit a Dotted Chicken and included the lovely Berraco Vintage yarn to make him a friend if I wanted. 
Second, she included incredibly soft RY Cashsoft DK yarn in gray with soft blue ribbon for the Bunny Tail hat (sure to make a cute, boyish Bunny Tail!). 
She even included 2 hanks of blue-toned wool.  I don't know what I'll use it for yet, but I know I'll find something!
Other goodies included mini dessert erasers,
candy gum eggs (these were a favorite of mine when I was little! So thoughtful that she remembered!),
growing beans and a growing chick for X,
a book for X, gobs of chocolate, neat mechanical pencils, a notepad, a fun "Happy Easter" decoration, as well as a fun little tissue holder (which I believe M made herself). 
So between gobs of chocolate and gobs of yarn, I should be set for awhile!  This was an incredible package and I loved opening it and exploring everything she had included.  I hope to get the Bunny Tail hat finished in time for Easter.  So stay tuned because I've got a lot of knitting ahead of me!!

Look at all that yarn!
If you'd like to read more about this swap, check out M's blog HERE.


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