Friday, February 5, 2010

Heros in a half-shell...turtle power!

I posted a few days ago about a knitting swap I participated in.  The project entailed knitting a Painted Turtle hat and including things needed for a toy kit (swap partner picked a surprise toy from Itty Bitty Toys), and then any other goodies you wanted to include.

I recieved my package (or would it really be X's package since the hat was for him?) yesterday.  It was great to come home and see the box sitting by the front door.  I rushed inside, swooped up X for some attention, and went to open the package. 

The hat my swap partner knit is beautiful!  The base is a lovely creme with turtles of all different greens and cremes surrounding it, as well as one camo turtle on top (he's hiding).  X wanted to play with the hat immediately.  He's so drawn to those little turtle-dudes (as we have been calling them on Ravelry!). 
Painted Turtle Hat from FlFiFiLaRue

X enjoyed playing with the taffy
The toy kit I recieved had some beautiful KnitPicks Comfy Sport yarn to knit up the Egg/Bluebird & Nest reversible toy.  I love making these reversible toys...they're so much fun!  And the yarn came in a beautiful handmade blue drawstring project bag.  Just what I needed!
Yarn & project bag for Egg/Bluebird reversible toy
Finally, the remaining items included a touch & feel book for X, a beanie baby crab (Claude) for X, some salt water taffy, some neat shells from the beach (she's from FL),  and handmade burp rags.  It was a fantastic swap. 
All the loot

On another note, I recently finished the Elephant Paci Clip from Itty Bitty Nursery.  This knit was so quick!  I got at least half done while watching Night at the Museum 2 and finished what remained the next night.  This clip could easily be altered to accomodate any type of pacifier, just as long as you purchage the corresponding clip to attach to the knitting.  Mine is for a NUK or MAM type paci. 

The head & trunk of the elephant are knit first, with an Icord to lengthen it and attach to the clip.  And a strap is attached at the top of the head to attach to the binky ring. 

The ears are crocheted.  This one has an open ring in the middle, but it's also possible to close that hole.

This was a great project to work on for how little time it took.  The knit time is minimal but the results are fantastic!  I would certainly recommend this as a project for anyone with babes who use binkies!


  1. The hat and elephant are so cute. You're really getting good!

  2. Thanks! It's fun knitting for babies! lol