Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I just have to say - I hate blog titles.  I hate that I have to title my entry every time.  Why can't I just write what's up for that day?  Sometimes I feel more creative than other days and can think of something cute or relevant or whatnot to title a post.  But most days, I really, really dislike them.

I finally did it last night though! I knit in the round!  I think that's what you call it anyway.  I made the skirt from the Sisters toy.  When I got home and sat down with my knitting, I took a look at the few rounds I'd completed.  The right side was on the inside and the wrongside was facing out.  But I was able to turn the work on the needle to where it was supposed to be and luckily there were no twisted stitches so I was able to just keep on going! :)  It's the first time I've ever used decreased, but I did it!  And I think it looks pretty good.  I did the pink dress first.  It reminds me of raspberry sherbet.  Yum!  It did turn out smaller than I thought it would.  But I didn't really look at the measurements of the finished project in the book.  Mostly I was just looking at the pictures.  And with a child holding the toy, I spose that may make something seem larger than it really is.  I cast on the blue dress last night, but haven't done much.  I was going to make one sister and then the other, and then join the two, but I've decided to work on them both at the same time.  I am deaming the sisters Team Pink and Team Blue.  That way I can keep track of what I need done for each sister.  I'm hoping to finish Team Blue's dress tonight.  Hopefully this toy continues to be such a quick knit! 

p.s.  I got Grumpy Bear's face embroidered on so now he's officially completely finished. He's pretty cute.  I think Mom will like him.  I was going to make hiim a sweater, but I think I'll stick with just the scarf. 


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