Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I meant to get more done on Mom's scarf, or prehaps on the hat I'm making for my  But instead I worked on the Snowman hat for Xander.  And so it was a productive knitting day yesterday, just not for Christmas knitting.  I got a good portion of the hat done.  All of the white, and about 1/3 of the black.  Just need to finish up the black, knit the little scarf, add eyes and a nose and we're good to go!  I was hoping to finish the base of the hat so that I could bind off and remove it from my needles.  I didn't really want to transfer the work to another set of needles/cable.  And it's alright because I wanted to get this hat done in time for Christmas (if possible) but it was intended to be at the bottom of my priority list.  Ohba wohba. 

The hat is looking a little big, but the pattern sizes it for 6-18 months - so that's quite a range.  If it's a little big, I may go back and add a fleece lining to make sure it keeps his head warm - it may also make it a little more snug. 

My's hat is going to be University of Iowa Hawkeye colors. :)  He really mostly wears hats when he's out in the cold - but he's not really a scarf guy - so this was a better option.  And it'll go great with his Christmas present!  (tickets to some Hawkeye basketball games) 

I'm not sure if Mom's scarf will get done before Christmas.  I wish the original yarn I had picked for it was what I was using - such a rich color.  But I think this scarf will be pretty too.  I'm just not sure if I can get it knit and blocked in time for Christmas Eve gift opening  Crossing fingers and hoping I get some sleep!

*I'll admit I was ambitious with my holiday knitting.  I know a lot of knitters don't do holiday knitting, but I couldn't help myself.  I love creating things for my family and it makes me so excited to work on the projects.*  Next year probably won't be as intense - but since it's a surprise this year, I wanted to make sure everyone got something. :)


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