Monday, December 7, 2009

Only a few weeks left before Christmas is upon us.  I hope I can get everything done on my list.  I keep waivering about the scarf I was going to make for my mom.  So tonight I'll go back and look at it, again, to waffle and make a decision.  I hate being indecisive.

As for the hat I'm working on right now, I've started it 3 times now.  The first couple times I made miskakes fairly early on, but far enough that I was annoyed that I'd have to redo it.  I'm not good at frogging just a couple rows and then picking up the stitches, and in one case, it was only 2 rows from the cast-on edge so it wasn't worth saving anyway.  Now I've got stitch markers to indicate the repeats.  This is a bit bothersome b/c the repeat is every 3 stitches, but at least it keeps me on track.  And then if I make a mistake one place, I know I can get back on track very easily.  I'm anxious to see this hat in the end.  I think it's knitting up nicely, and the yarn is so soft.  The colors I chose won't really match anything, but I didn't have anything to go by when I picked the yarn out.  The recipient is getting a coat for Christmas in Navy, and the hat will be in greens....but oh well.  I'm sure he'll like it anyway. 

I've stalled on the Sisters toy for the time being.  I'm really rather anxious to get this hat done, and so the toy is just sitting in a bag on the chair, waiting for more attention.  Maybe I'll get to it later this weekend.  If I can keep on task with the hat, it should be finished fairly quickly.


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