Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mitts for Little Man

The weather's getting colder and although J & I know that when that happens it's nice to put on a sweatshirt or coat, sometimes a hat and occasionally something for our hands,  X has not quite figured that out yet.  He's okay with the coat or sweatshirt.  Hats can be a challenge because sometimes he won't wear one at all, and other times he doesn't care.  So I knew that he'd never agree to mittens or gloves at this time of year.

So instead I decided to make him a pair of fingerless mitts.  I've had the pattern Sucky Thumb Mitts in my queue for quite some time, but always wanted to knit something else first.  When I got on my selfish kick a few days back, this pattern jumped off the screen at me.  I could finish these in a few hours!
So I got to work.  After having to restart his Thumb Mitts a couple times for not paying attention, I finished the first off easily in 45-60 minutes.  By the time I had started, ripped, started again and finished the first mitt, it was time for bed.  I finished the 2nd one easily the next day.
I used my own hand-dyed superwash merino wool in a colorway I call Woodland Fairy.  This yarn knit up beautifully!  I'm so happy with it.  I already have plans for what else I'll make with this yarn.

At this point I'd like to mention how difficult it is to photograph a 20-month-old.  Let alone getting a decent picture of his little hands that move 5 times faster and more often than the rest of his body.  I think I took over 80 pictures and only about 1/4 of them were actually clear, good pictures!
We did have fun running around the yard though, and once X got distracted by the outdoors, he forgot he was wearing the mitts and stopped trying to take them off.
They look just a tad bit large, but overall fit nicely.  I used US 5 dpns and a worsted weight yarn.  The pattern was a bit aggravating in that it only said to pick a yarn weight and the respective needle size for that yarn.  She gave the yarn weight and needle size she used for her 2 sets of mitts, but it was very vague as to what size child these would fit.  Luckily, if you do make these and choose the wrong needles or yarn, they're so quick and easy, ripping them out and starting over isn't a bit deal.

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  1. Oh I love these! Think I'll definitely have to knit some for my toddler.