Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I DO Still Sew!

Over the summer I spent almost every day trying to dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to sewing.  Some days were more successful than others, but I wasn't too concerned about missing a day.  More importantly, it got me back to sewing.  I really like sewing and being able to create things myself.  My first quilt is still sitting next to my machine waiting for me to finish the quilting and complete the binding.  Perhaps after Christmas?

I also have some fun patterns I'd love to get finished for X, and in truth, they'd be very quick to complete.  

But most of the sewing I have been doing hasn't been for myself.  Instead, it's been for my Etsy shop, which is just fine with me! :)  Within the last month or so I've complete 3 more interchangeable needle cases and I'm working on perfecting a crochet hook case.  I'm still working on the hook case, but hopefully soon...

Pictures you say?  You'd like to see pictures?  Oh....okay. :) 

These first two cases were custom orders I had.  The first was fabric I chose for the woman after a few discussions about what she liked. 

The second case was fabric that was sent to me by the buyer.  I certainly don't mind if someone has a favorite fabric they want to use!

The last case is one that's currently posted in my shop.  Being from Iowa, and having been around a lot of farms, I have an affinity for John Deere.  A lot of my family worked for John Deere, as did/does my husband's family.  They're a huge employer in our area.  So when I go shopping for fabric, I always love looking at the John Deere fabric.  I can't help it. And this time I decided to actually buy some (along with a lovely coordinating green) and make it into a needle case.  I figure, someone, somewhere along the lines, will feel the same way about this case as I do.  And if not, I'll just use it. :) 

I've also been planning some other changes for the shop.   I would love to have some sock yarn listed, but I just don't have the means to do that right now.  I do plan to have stitch markers soon, though!  Christmas ones, even! :)   So stay tuned, please check in periodically to see what you think.  :)  

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  1. Yea for sewing! Yea for first quilts! Yea for hook cases!!!!! :)