Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Favorites 11/5: Fingerless Mitts

Wow, are we through the first week of November already?  Thanksgiving is only 2 1/2 weeks away!

As if you haven't gotten enough of fingerless mitts on my blog as of late, I'm going to ask you to endure a bit more today.

Photos by Armida21
I'll start off simple with this colorful pair of mitts by Susan B. Anderson.  Susan does such great work, and I love that these mitts are so colorful.  The Ravelry project pages are quickly filling with lots of colorful variations on a theme.  It's great to see people's creativity.  These are simple mitts, knit in a lightweight yarn.  I imagine these in shades of blues or black & grays, or even blue, blacks and grays.  Wouldn't that make for a terrific casual pair of mitts?  The mitts above are knit by my friend, Raili, from Fairytale Knits.  What I love about these is that they make her fingers looks so long and elegant! If you'd like to read more about them, check out her blog. :) 

 Photo by chikka
Photo by Lnand
How is it that Ysolda sneaks in to my favorites queue so often?  These mitts take me back.  They remind me of the time of Elizabeth and Jane Bennett and the characters of Jane Austen's many novels.  I imagine these would be beautiful in an antique white, or a pair to match a Victorian-style wedding dress. They're delicate and feminine and beautiful!  When I found the cream pair pictured above, I thought the knitter captured almost the exact image I saw in my head!  

 Photo by yarnmonster
Photo by avonlea
I've had these in my queue for a long time.  Probably one of the reasons I haven't knit a pair is because of the colorwork.  I've never knit anything like that before.  But there are pages of inspiring projects.  And a lot of knitters have used this pattern as a base while adding in their own version of some charted tapestry image.  I love the brightly colored pairs but know I'd never wear them, so I'd likely knit them in more neutral, subtle colors (like the 2nd pair above).  Nevertheless...these are on my list!

Have a terrific weekend, readers,  I know ours is a busy one!


  1. Someday, I will finish a pair of fingerless mittens.......or mittens, in general. Someday. But not today.

  2., this blog is about trial and errors??? Where are the errors? Your knitting is awesome! Love the gloves, for baby too??? That's perfect, especially if the little guy leaves them on his hands! Wonderful pictures - thanks for sharing,

  3. Inspiring post!! They are all such lovely patterns. Thank you for including my pictures :-)

  4. Blue, black, and gray!! I second that thought!! Do it!! :)

    I also LOVE Endpaper Knits. :)